About Shimrit Tzur-David

Shimrit holds an MSc and Ph.D. from the Hebrew University in Computer Science. Her research areas primarily focused on PKI, cryptography, anomaly detection, web attacks, DDoS and intrusion detection and prevention systems. During her Ph.D., Shimrit was a consultant for Check Point and Marvell Semiconductor and designed an intrusion detection system product there.
  • push notification authentication

How push notifications can revolutionize your authentication security

The many horror stories that regularly surface on the web make it certain beyond the shadow of a doubt that plain passwords are a cumbersome and bad security practice. A recent survey by Secret Double Octopus found that the outstanding majority of corporate employees are eyeing password-free technologies as their preferred method of authentication, both from a security and an ease-of-use [...]

What you need to know about the security and privacy of face recognition logins

Nearly all major smartphone manufacturers want you to unlock your phone by showing your face. While not a new technology, authentication by face recognition has undergone some major transformations in the past years, and tech companies believe it should become the default way you secure and access devices that hold a wealth of your personal information and perform sensitive operations such [...]