Octopus Authenticator Application Support

Supported Devices:

  1. iOS devices running iOS 9 and above (iPhone 5 or later. Recommend iPhone 5s or later, for use of fingerprint scanning)
  2. Android devices running Android 4.4 and above

To download the Octopus Authenticator App, please refer to Apple AppStore or Google Play.

Octopus Authenticatior on Apple App Store   Octopus Authenticator on Google Play Store

User Enrollment

Octopus Authenticator App requires pre-enrollment to allow using it to approve authentication and to approve transactions. The enrollment process is simple and secured to enroll a user with a specific device.

  1. Each user will receive an enrollment invitation email, generated by the Octopus Authenticator administrator.
  2. The invitation email includes the following information:
    1. Link to download the application (AppStore and Google Play).
    2. Enrollment QR Code
    3. Manual code
  3. To enroll follow one of the enrollment options:
    1. To enroll from your mobile browser, follow the link specified in the invitation email.
    2. To enroll with the QR code, scan the QR code using the Octopus Authenticator App.
    3. To enroll manually, enter the manual code using the Octopus Authenticator App.

NOTE: For security reasons, the enrollment code will expire after a predefined period. Please make sure to enroll within this timeframe. In case your code expires before you enroll, please contact Octopus Authenticator Administrator for a new enrollment code.

  1. Upon the first enrollment, the user will receive a successful enrollment notification.

Octopus Authenticator App enrollment flow, using the QR code:

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 Octopus Authenticator App Support  Octopus Authenticator App Support  Octopus Authenticator App Support Octopus Authenticator App Support



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