14 British Cybersecurity Influencers That You Need to Follow


14 British Cybersecurity Influencers That You Need to Follow

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Aug 8, 2019

The UK is known for the XFactor and Brexit, but it also boasts incredibly talented, funny, and entertaining cybersecurity experts. Each of the experts listed below excels in their field, and their online content is enlightening and educational — check them out!

Dave Whitelegg (@SecurityExpert)

Although Whitelegg has been writing about IT and security since 2007, his cybersecurity journey began in 1983, when he hacked various games using his 8-bit ZX Spectrum. Since then, Whitelegg has worked as a cybersecurity expert in the military, banking, and education industries. He can speak to almost any aspect of cybersecurity, but he specializes in risk management, threat assessment, fraud, and web application security. Follow him here.

Jessica Barker (@drjessicabarker)

Barker is a writer, consultant, researcher, and speaker. In 2017, she became one of the UK’s Tech Women 50, and she’s one of the 20 most influential women in cybersecurity. Barker’s expertise lies in the “human” aspect of cybersecurity — she focuses on the psychology and sociology of tech threats, attacks, messaging, awareness, and culture. Follow her here.

Dan Raywood (@DanRaywood)

Raywood has over 11 years of experience writing about IT, and he is currently a contributing editor at InfoSecurity Magazine. Previously, Raywood was the news editor of SC Magazine and the editor of IT Security Guru. Raywood has also presented at security conferences all over the world — his speaking engagements include 44CON, SecuriTay, SteelCon, and Infosecurity Europe. Follow him here.

Bryan Glick (@bryanglick)

Glick is the editor-in-chief of Computer Weekly, and he often contributes to national newspapers and current affairs publications. Before beginning a career in journalism, Glick worked in IT at companies including ICL, Intentia, and Thomas Cook. In his spare time, Glick has been channeling his passion for writing into his first novel, A Distant Hum. Follow him here.

Joanna Shields (@joannashields)

Between 2015 and 2017, Shields was the Minister for Internet Safety and Security in the UK. She’s also served as an executive at a number of high-power tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Aol. Currently, Shields is the CEO of BenevolentAI, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a board member for her nonprofit, WeProtect. Follow her here.

Alan Woodwards (@ProfWoodward)

Woodward is a visiting professor at the University of Surrey, and his expertise lies in cybersecurity, covert communications, image and signal processing, and forensic computing. He has worked in government, academia, and business. Amongst peers and students,  Woodward is known for his ability to explain complicated ideas in simple, manageable terms. Follow him here.

Thomas Brewster (@iblametom)

Brewster, repeatedly honored as the “BT Security Journalist of the Year,” is a Forbes reporter covering security and privacy — check out his experiment tricking facial recognition software with 3D-printed heads. In addition to his work with Forbes, Brewster has produced content for major publications including Motherboard, Wired, The Guardian, Vice, and BBC. Follow him here.

Jane Frankland (@JaneFrankland)

At her core, Frankland is an entrepreneur. She’s founded and mentored numerous companies, and currently, she serves on the board for BlackHat Executive Summit and SC Media UK. According to IFSEC Global, she is among the world’s top 20 cybersecurity influencers, and she’s passionate about increasing the presence of women in cybersecurity. Her feed features diverse perspectives and lively discussion. Follow her here.

Oz Alashe (@ozalashe)

Alashe is an entrepreneur: In 2015, he founded CybSafe and an accompanying summit, PeepSec. Alashe specializes in the psychology and behavioral science of cybersecurity — a focus he developed while serving in the British Army and UK Special Forces. Follow him here.

Kevin Townsend (@kevtownsend)

Townsend is one of the cybersecurity industry’s most experienced writers — in fact, he began his career with a “M3 microcomputer running CP/M, two 7-inch floppy disk drives, and a Diablo metal-wheeled Daisy Printer.” After writing an unbelievable number of stories and reviews for top IT publications, he founded ITsecurity.com, which once boasted over 250,000 visitors a month. Townsend is known for his honest writing and commentary. Follow him here

Lisa Ventura (@cybergeekgirl)

Ventura is the head of marketing for the UK Cyber Security Association, and a writer for Cyber Geek Girl (her personal blog), Venture CxO Insights, and Frankie’s legacy. Her interests reach far beyond cybersecurity — she’s passionate about artificial intelligence, tech business, and data. In her spare time, she also listens to Freddie Mercury. Follow her here

Lee Munson (@Security_FAQs)

Munson began his career in retail, but fell in love with information security and gained expertise through self-education and writing. He is currently a senior technical writer at McAfee, bus his work has also appeared on Naked Security, Brian Honan’s BH Consulting blog, SC Magazine, Computer Weekly, The Hacker News Magazine and Haker5. Follow him here.

Kate O’Flaherty (@KateOFlaherty)

O’Flaherty is a freelance journalist, and her work can be found in Forbes, Guardian, Wired, and SC Magazine. Although she is an expert in cybersecurity — she writes often about state-sponsored cyber-attacks and data protection — she also covers telecoms, FinTech, and public sector IT. Follow her here.

Eleanor Dallaway (@InfosecEditor)

Dallaway is an editor at Infosecurity Magazine, where she has worked for over eight years. She is also passionate about establishing and promoting a space for women in the security industry. In her spare time, Dallaway reads good books, samples Sauvignon Blanc, and cares for her basset hound. Follow her here.

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