HLS & Cyber

The Israel HLS & Cyber 2018 Conference is a four-day event organized by the Israel Export Institute in cooperation with the Israeli government ministries: Ministry of Economy and Industry, Prime Minister’s Office- National Cyber Directorate, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Public Security. This year’s conference will focus on homeland security and cyber security. The event will take place on November 12-15, 2018, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Meet us to learn how:

  • To let users work without memorizing or changing passwords
  • To authenticate workstation, networks, legacy, mobile and cloud applications without passwords
  • To eliminate password related costs (call center, productivity)
  • To prevent authentication attacks such as phishing, cracking, key theft and MITM

Every year executives from multinational companies and leading enterprises meet to discuss, learn about and discover our world’s security challenges and today’s innovative solutions.

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