• Les Assises

Les Assises

Are you ready for Les Assises , Monaco  2018?

The 18th edition of Les Assises de la Sécurité in Monaco is fast approaching.

Top consultants and  of cyber security is already mobilizing to make this event the rendez-vous of cybersecurity. Conferences, roundtables, workshops but also qualified one-to-one, forum partners, networking spaces … Three dense and varied days await participants from 10 to 13 October 2018.

Meet us to learn how:

  • To let users work without memorizing or changing passwords
  • To authenticate workstation, networks, legacy, mobile and cloud applications without passwords
  • To eliminate password related costs (call center, productivity)
  • To prevent authentication attacks such as phishing, cracking, key theft and MITM

This year you will see several new features to improve the reception of visitors and to reinforce this spirit of conviviality which from the beginning made the success of Les Assises: a numerus clausus intended to limit the number of partners; a redesigned exhibition space with a reworked layout; but also the implementation of a smart agenda to streamline the user experience…

Ready for Les Assises 2018? Join us on October 10th!

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