Active Directory Authentication

Password-free, high assurance authentication for Active Directory domains, prevent password based attacks while delighting your users with a simple secure mobile authentication, completely passwordless!

Password- Based Authentication: Vulnerabilities And Alternative Solutions

The password has been the staple of authentication for years. While passwords are still very much a part of our information technology landscape, they have been on the decline for more than a decade. “There is no doubt that over time, people are going to rely less and less on passwords,” adding that passwords “just don’t meet the challenge for anything [...]

Zero Password Multifactor Authentication Comes to Enterprise Mac Users

Secret Double Octopus, the leader in password-free, high assurance authentication is proud to announce its latest innovation: Password-Free Login for Mac Users Today’s enterprises require the capability to access their data through a full range of mediums, either on premises or in the cloud. More often than not, this means harnessing management tools native to Windows such as Active Directory. But [...]

What a Government Security Audit Teaches us About Password Vulnerabilities

Security firms and experts constantly encourage companies and organizations to enforce strong password policies to prevent the accounts of their employees and users from getting hacked. But what happens when an organization does enforce password policies? Employees knowingly find workarounds and continue to choose weak passwords that conform to those policies. At least that’s what a recent audit of 17 Western [...]

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How to Improve the Security of Active Directory Authentication

For many organizations, Microsoft’s Active Directory is the meat-and-potatoes of their digital infrastructure. One of the greatest advantages of Active Directory is that it gives organizations a platform to manage everything, including authentication, access to digital assets, applications, administrative functions and possibly anything an employee can do a corporate network. Among directory services, AD is one of the easiest to deploy [...]

LDAP, Active Directory and Federated Identity: What You Need to Know

Managing identities across an enterprise is one of the bigger challenges facing the world of digital security. In a company where large numbers of users access multiple applications in a diverse work environment, managers need reliable tools that allow smooth access for workers, while maintaining strong authentication standards. Making Some Order When looking at the most common tools used in enterprise [...]

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Microsoft’s Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Worship (Password) Idols

Published at Infosecurity on May 13, 2018 by Raz Rafaeli Why do we have a situation where hackers are able to take advantage of Microsoft's Active Directory bugs? No matter how you slice it, the error in the model can be traced to one factor – the password. If that were not compromised, hackers would not have an opportunity to carry out [...]

Poor Visibility, Weak Passwords Compromise Active Directory

Published in DarkReading on 1 February 2018, by Kelly Sheridan Every company has different security challenges. One common hurdle is securing Active Directory, which remains a critical issue because it's used to store increasing amounts of data. Businesses face a major risk in granting access to too many people without knowing who is safe. "Active Directory was put in decades ago, and many [...]

Password-Free, High Assurance Authentication for Active Directory Domains

With the release of this new solution, Secret Double Octopus has delivered the first authentication tool for AD that completely unburdens users from passwords while offering a more secure model.   Get a demo here  Seamless Authentication for Users, No Compromise on Security Administrators of an organization’s AD access their control of resources through passwords. This means that a just one [...]

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