Read all about no-password authentication methods on the Octopusblog, including frictionless alternatives. Also be sure to check out Secret Double Octopus’s report on workplace preferences in no-password technologies.

  • Secure Authentication

Will Secure Authentication Remove the Need for Credentials?

Published by Infosecurity on December 18, 2017 by Shimrit Tzur-Davi Passwords – devising them, remembering them, typing them in – can be a hassle for users, but polls on whether users would be willing to use alternative authentication methods are all over the place. Some show that users would rather use “anything” than passwords to authenticate their identities, while others claim [...]

Survey Maps User Preferences of Leading Authentication Tools

For the full report go to: In with the new, out with the old This pretty much sums up the dominating trends in authentication methods over the past several years. With many traditional methods depreciated, more and more replacement technologies have been making an entrance into the market. The question for businesses is which particular method will be the most adequate [...]

  • Press release Secret double octopus

Secret Double Octopus Survey Examines User Preferences for Password Alternatives

Tel Aviv, Israel- October 30, 2017- The results of a survey conducted by Secret Double Octopus, the pioneer of password-free, keyless authentication technology, found that among employees of medium (1000-5000) and large (5000+) enterprises, 81% of respondents perceive Face ID as trustworthy and 91% think it will be easy to use. Currently, Touch ID is the leading alternative to passwords with [...]

  • No-Password Alternative Login

No-password login: The frictionless and secure alternatives to passwords

Providing secure and easy-to-use authentication and login mechanisms should be one of the main goals every online service pursues. Unfortunately, passwords, the traditional method to protect online accounts and keep intruders out, are becoming less reliable and more cumbersome to maintain, both for users as well as service providers. The industry has become in desperate need for a no-password option. Where [...]

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