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Password Mangers Vs. Passwordless Authentication

By Shimrit Tzur-David|April 24th, 2019|Categories: Articles|Tags: , , |

Password management apps have become a common tool for both the individual consumer and businesses. On the surface, the attraction of these platforms is understandable. Password managers provide easy solutions for many of the tasks that go into keeping a handle on login credentials, from managing passwords for different accounts to sharing options between users. While the adoption of password managers [...]

How Does Passwordless Authentication Work?

By Shimrit Tzur-David|April 8th, 2019|Categories: Articles|Tags: , , , |

What is Passwordless Authentication? Passwordless authentication is any method of verifying the identity of a user that does not require the user to provide a password. Instead of passwords, proof of identity can be done based on possession of something that uniquely identifies the user (e.g. a one-time password generator, a registered mobile device, or a hardware token), or the user’s [...]

Solving Phishing from the Root

By Amit Rahav|April 3rd, 2019|Categories: Articles|Tags: , , |

Spear phishing. It’s one of the more vicious methods used by today’s cyber criminals to compromise networks. Phishing related attacks have been a favorite of the hackers tool kit for years. And these kinds of attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated over time. What is Spear Phishing? In its most basic definition, phishing is an attempt to illicitly obtain [...]

The State of Credentials

By Inbal Voitiz|March 25th, 2019|Categories: Articles|Tags: , |

In January 2019 The Ponemon Institute published a report on the State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors - a report sponsored by authentication hardware manufacturer Yubico. The report offers additional proof for how passwords continue to compromise privacy and security for both users and businesses. The Rundown From our perspective at Secret Double Octopus, the Ponemon report echos a lot [...]

Password Spraying – The Citrix Breach

By Shimrit Tzur-David|March 18th, 2019|Categories: Articles|Tags: , |

On March 8, Citrix posted a statement confirming that the company's internal network had been breached. Citrix became aware of the attack a couple of days earlier when the FBI advised that they had reason to believe that cyber criminals gained access to Citrix’s internal network. Cybersecurity firm Resecurity claimed it had alerted Citrix to the attack as early as December [...]

Passwordless Authentication for the Real-world

By Amit Rahav|March 6th, 2019|Categories: Articles|Tags: , , |

Recently Microsoft rolled out support for a passwordless authentication option in Windows 10. As of build 18309, Windows 10 users can setup and sign in using a phone number account, without ever having to create, or deal with a password. Other capabilities previously rolled out to help eliminate passwords include replacing them with biometrics and PINs. Passwords are a security concern [...]

How stolen passwords are damaging the cybersecurity industry

By Secret Double Octopus Staff|February 21st, 2019|Categories: Articles|Tags: , , |

On February 14, dating site Coffee Meets Bagel sent an email to its users, informing them that an unauthorized party may have gained access to their data. This is not the kind of Valentine’s Day message you would expect from a website that is supposed to help you find love. Coffee Meets Bagel was part of bundle online services whose stolen [...]

What will Authentication Look Like in 2019

By Amit Rahav|January 2nd, 2019|Categories: Articles|Tags: , , |

With 2019 starting, it’s a good time to look back at 2018 to remember the lessons learned from security incidents involving user authentication and examine how the landscape will look in the next year.   Poor passwords continue to take their toll Like every year, 2018 taught us that poor passwords haven’t gone away, and they continue to give hackers easy [...]

Passwordless Authentication will Become a Business Advantage in 2019

By Secret Double Octopus Staff|January 1st, 2019|Categories: In the News|Tags: , , |

Published at TechRadar on December 31st by Raz Rafaeli  At RSA’s 2004 security conference, Bill Gates predicted “There is no doubt that over time, people are going to rely less and less on passwords,” adding that passwords “just don’t meet the challenge for anything you really want to secure.” A pertinent truth that is often forgotten when discussing the importance of [...]

Secret Double Octopus Plan to Eliminate Passwords

By Secret Double Octopus Staff|December 29th, 2018|Categories: In the News|Tags: |

Published at TechBlogWriter on December 27, 2018 by Amit Rahav  By 2022, Gartner’s latest report predicts 60% of large and global enterprises, and 90% of midsize enterprises (MSEs), will implement passwordless methods in more than 50% of use cases. In its December 2018 Market Guide for User Authentication, Gartner included Secret Double Octopus as a Representative Vendor in the user authentication category, and [...]

Secure and Easy Authentication Will Become a Business Advantage in 2019

By Secret Double Octopus Staff|August 28th, 2018|Categories: In the News|Tags: |

Published at TechRadar on Jul 22, 2018 by Raz Rafaeli At RSA’s 2004 security conference, Bill Gates predicted, “There is no doubt that over time, people are going to rely less and less on passwords,” adding that passwords “just don’t meet the challenge for anything you really want to secure.” A pertinent truth that is often forgotten when discussing the importance of authentication [...]

Stopping Man-In-The-Middle Attacks with Cryptography

By Shimrit Tzur-David|June 14th, 2018|Categories: Articles|Tags: , |

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks – where an attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two parties who believe they are directly communicating with each other – are a very real threat, especially when it comes to authentication. Various solutions have been put forward to prevent, or at least manage, this threat. These have met varying levels of success, although it [...]


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