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How Push Notifications can Revolutionize your Identity Security

The many horror stories that regularly surface on the web make it certain beyond the shadow of a doubt that plain passwords are a cumbersome and bad security practice. A recent survey by Secret Double Octopus found that the outstanding majority of corporate employees are eyeing password-free technologies as their preferred method of authentication, both from a security and an ease-of-use [...]

2017 Phone as an Authenticator; Methods, Benefits and Risks

Traditionally, OTP tokens (hardware based) have been used to ensure the identity of the party seeking to connect to that sensitive information. But the explosion of mobile devices makes hardware-based tokens impractical. In addition, many users balk at the idea of carrying around a bulky piece of hardware in order to access secure resources. In addition, a 2012 study indicated that companies could save as much as 95% of authentication costs by replacing tokens with smart device-based software solutions. In a study, Gartner said that “phone as a token are the methods of choice in a majority of new and refreshed token deployments, and have a larger installed base than OTP hardware tokens.”

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