How Quantum Computing Could Wreak Havoc on Cryptocurrency

Published in TheNextWeb on April 15 2018, by Raz Refaeli Quantum computing is promising to be one of the biggest technological revolutions of the modern era. By harnessing the power of quantum mechanics, machines will be able to achieve data processing of speed and complexity unattainable with current computers. Traditional computers are based on a binary model on a system of switches that [...]

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The Quantum Computing Apocalypse is Imminent

Published by TechCrunch on January 05, 2018, by Shlomi Dolev In the ancient world, they used cubits as an important data unit, but the new data unit of the future is the qubit — the quantum bits that will change the face of computing. According to experts, quantum computers will be able to create breakthroughs in many of the most complicated [...]

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