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Tech Giants Mess Up Passwords Too


Thursday January 7, 2021

When it comes to passwords, even the tech giants mess up 

We trust internet giants with some of our most sensitive information: personal and business communications, documents, financial transactions, social and dating profiles, medical information and the list grows with every new feature and service we’re offered. But this incredible new level of trust in corporations comes with an often-overlooked dark side. In many cases, the...
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About Us

Secret Double Octopus is the passwordless authentication solution for the enterprise. We liberate end-users and security teams from the burden of passwords with the simplicity and security of strong passwordless authentication.

Where should CISOs Invest?


Thursday December 3, 2020

Where should CISOs put their money in 2021?

CISOs undeniably faced a new hosting of challenges across the board this year due to the global pandemic. As we approach the end of the year, not only is it a good time to reflect on the past year but prepare for what the foreseeable future holds for enterprise cybersecurity. As enterprises continue to adjust...
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Authentication vs. Authorization


Thursday November 5, 2020

Authentication vs. Authorization – What is the Difference Exactly?

The distinction between authentication and authorization is many times missed or confused. Some of the confusion has to do with the fact that the short form for authentication and authorization is the same – “auth” – so a delegated authorization scheme like OAUTH can be easily confused with something that has to do with authentication....
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Secure Work in a Post-COVID World 


Monday May 25, 2020

Getting back to normal: secure work in a post-coronavirus world 

For the second time in a few short months, we are entering uncharted territory. After having to adjust to unprecedented lockdowns and near standstill of economic activity, now businesses worldwide are slowly, and with cautious optimism, getting back to some regular routine.   The truth is, no one knows what the new normal will look like. But one thing is clear – as organizations prepare to resume operations,...
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Enabling Secure Remote Work


Monday March 16, 2020

Enabling Remote Work While Ensuring Maximum Security

In just a few short weeks, remote work has morphed from a perk offered mostly by tech companies to an absolute necessity, as the COVID-19 epidemic continues to disrupt the daily lives of millions of people. Suddenly, companies are forced to enable their employees to work from home on a massive scale, while keeping their...
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Active Directory In The Cloud Age


Wednesday March 4, 2020

Active Directory In The Age Of The Cloud

For IT pros, Microsoft Active Directory is an old friend. After all, it’s been with us since the early 2000s and (just like many Microsoft products before it) it has, over time, become the backbone of many enterprises IT operations.  Originally developed to manage network resources, AD’s functionality has expanded over the years to embrace...
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Solving Cloud Phishing Attacks


Thursday February 13, 2020

Cloud Phishing Risks and Mitigation

If you’re running your business in the cloud, you need secure authentication Most of us underestimate the ramifications of password hacks and cloud phishing attacks. If your password falls into the wrong hands, a hacker will gain access to sensitive information, siphon your bank account, or do some other evil act that will inflict damage...
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