• Zero Password Multifactor Authentication Comes to Enterprise Mac Users

Zero Password Multifactor Authentication Comes to Enterprise Mac Users

Secret Double Octopus, the leader in password-free, high assurance authentication is proud to announce its latest innovation:

Password-Free Login for Mac Users

Today’s enterprises require the capability to access their data through a full range of mediums, either on premises or in the cloud.
More often than not, this means harnessing management tools native to Windows such as Active Directory.

But for users with Apple devices, this need can turn into an IT nightmare, as no native integrations exist for Windows domain and MacOS.

That’s why we solved the MacOS Active Directory binding issue.

Secret Double Octopus now offers the full benefits of Octopus Authenticator for the Mac Operating System.

Companies can now roll out, password-free high-assurance authentication to both Mac and Windows users within their Active Directory domains, allowing access to all data resources.

With MacOS Password-Free Login companies can:

  • Leverage their Active Directory with seamless authentication.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating expensive hard tokens and relieving help desks from password resets and other authentication related support tasks
  • Simplify authentication with a single solution that combines all authentication needs into one platform.   

To learn more, get a demo today.


Secret Double Octopus
Smart Card
Win Hello for Business
  Gemalto, RSA Microsoft
Password-Free Authentication to AD (On-Prem)
Password-Free WorkStation login - Windows
Password-Free WorkStation login - MacOS
Password-Free WorkStation login - Linux
Low friction UX
Resilient to key theft, MITM and phishing
ActiveSync / Mobile
No dedicated hardware
Windows domain / Network assets protection
Private key off workstation not using PKI
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