Principal macOS Internals Developer

We are looking to hire an experienced Mac internals software engineer to participate in the development of our Octopus Desktop for macOS.

Your primary focus will be developing new features of the Octopus Desktop for macOS, with the knowledge that users depend on the quality of your work to securely access their laptops, emails, private data, and other critical resources.

Your duties will include collaborating with the Product Management and the rest of the R&D team to deliver new features, identifying and fixing bugs and issues, improving user experience, and refactoring to minimize technical debt.

To ensure success as a Sr macOS Internals Developer, you should have a strong working knowledge of macOS internals and Swift or Objective C programming, as well as a good grasp of Computer Science fundamentals such as security, performance, and software architecture.


  • 7+ years in software development
  • 3+ years in macOS system-level development
  • Experience in Swift or Objective C
  • Strong command of C or C++
  • Firm knowledge of Unix-style operating systems concepts
  • Experience with software security
  • BS Degree in Computer Science or equivalent Science/ Math branch

Interested? Send us your CV at [email protected]