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Octopus Lite™
Plug-and-play Desktop MFA

Workstation MFA using the ForgeRock Authenticator for Windows and Mac

Octopus Enterprise™
A Fully Passwordless Workforce

Passwordless Authentication for Everything your employees need

Octopus Lite™ - Quick to deply, easy to use deskptop MFA

Octopus Lite™ is the fastest way to close the desktop security gap and protect employee’s machines and accounts.

Bring all workstations under the security umbrella of your existing ForgeRock deployment

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Octopus Passwordless Enterprise™

Out-of-the-box integration with Forgerock & OpenAM that covers all your authentication needs

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Secret Double Octopus Passwordless Enterprise™
technology boosts security and productivity for
ForgeRock users

Save Countless Hours Of Employee Downtime

Reduce Password Management and Support Costs

Eliminate Credential Related Attacks

Offline Multi-factor Authentication

Online and offline, workstation logon is always secure, fast and simple

No Phone? No Problem!

In the event of smartphone unavailability, users can authenticate using a FIDO2 device or a phone call back service

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Secret Double Octopus is a market leader in authentication security, delivering high customer satisfaction, user adoption and overall ROI. We are proud to be loved by our users and trusted by Fortune500 companies worldwide.

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Out-of-the-Box Compliance

Our authenticator was created to meet the highest level of regulations