Octopus of Things

Secure your IoT deployment with the industry’s first multi-vendor solution for authentication and traffic protection

Security is essential to the deployment of IoT

Achieve end-to-end security across cloud, app, gateway, and edge devices without centralized provisioning or complex PKI schemes.

Provisioning each connected device with a proprietary or public certificate authority is extremely costly and inefficient. Due to difficulty and complications in key embedding, IoT networks commonly operate without keys – without proper security. That’s not good enough, however, neither for you nor your users.

Our app addresses IoT deployments in critical areas to enable massive scaling for your business:

Smart city and intelligent transportation
Automotive electronic control units
Smart home
Critical infrastructure
Medical devices
Utilities and industrial control
Building automation
Octopus of Things

Your answer to secure IoT deployment

End-to-end IoT
  Protect your users from device to cloud against eavesdropping, MITM, key theft, and PKI manipulation.
Agile and scalable
  No certificate authority or key management schemes required. Secret Double Octopus allows agile, decentralized setup. It’s handy, demands less of your time, and enables as-needed scaling.
  Unlike vendor specific certifications, Secret Double Octopus offers consistent security in mixed hardware environments. Our app enables open, inclusive IoT environments intended for maximum user gain and efficiency.
Designed for low-power edge devices
  Secret Double Octopus protects low-power devices without requiring compute heavy RSA or Diffie Helman processing.
Strong protection for IoT admin
  As the IoT admin, your control must be absolute. Our IoT app includes strong SMS-free multi-factor security for IoT admins with mobile device whitelisting and MITM protection
Octopus of Things
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