Secret Double Octopus Among CIO’s 20 Most Promising Identity Governance Solution Providers

CIO Review

Eighty percent of hacking-related breaches exploit stolen or weak passwords. Even worse, current security practices of token-based authentication in the form of OTPs and SMS have also been compromised. These challenges are compelling organizations to adopt new approaches to securing their data, systems and overall business interests. Secret Double Octopus, a prominent player in password-free authentication, protects data, systems and identities through a multi-shield authentication process.

What Makes it Unique

Secret Double Octopus turns mobile phones into authentication devices. Unlike existing solutions based on PKI, the Israeli security startup leverages secret sharing algorithms to minimize user vulnerability while protecting data and streamlining user experience when accessing resources. “Our patented technology is based on a mathematically unbreakable scheme that enables a password-free authentication experience, which is both more secure and user-friendly than existing authentication measures,” said Raz Rafaeli, the CEO and Co-founder of Secret Double Octopus.

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