Secret Sharing Will Replace Our Passwords

secret sharing

Published on TechDigg on y John Hopton

What exactly is Secret Sharing and why is it so secure?

The system that we use at Secret Double Octopus utilizes multiple security matches using multiple routes – based on “secret sharing”- an algorithm established in 1979 by cryptographers Adi Shamir and George Blakely.

Secret sharing takes data and uses randomization to compute different numbers (shares) that only together define the secret/data, meaning it’s almost impossible for hackers to piece together.

In secret sharing, a secret is transformed into several meaningless ‘shares’ where several – or all – of them are needed in order to reconstruct the secret. This mathematical concept is often used as a security measure taken to prevent single-person access to secured environments.

The Secret Double Octopus website declares that “the password is dead.” The company believes that:

“No password security means more protection, not less”, because “in the hands of users, passwords are a vulnerability”, and that “password-based security is a poor fit for fast-growing architectures, such as cloud, mobile, and IoT. There’s too much to remember – too much complication and exposure.”

The alternative, they believe, is an “authentication wall that is invisible to the user. There are security factors, but the user does not need to remember or operate” them.

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