Your Next MFA Should be Passwordless

One Authenticator for all your enterprise use cases, completely passwordless


Not your Average Band-Aid MFA

Passwords are vulnerable, expensive, and hated by users. Legacy MFA solutions add cost and complexity but do little to fix the password itself.

Meet the Octopus Authenticator

Not Your Average MFA

Many MFA solutions remove the need for passwords and hardware tokens, thus speeding up deployment and user access. But in order to fully meet the needs of a modern enterprise your next MFA must be able to do more.

Seamless integration of all enterprise assets

A single-sign-on to all online services is a basic requirements nowadays. But in order to guarantee long term value in security and cost, workstation and on-premises legacy infrastructure must be fully supported.

A secure app is not enough

The Octopus Authenticator uses an innovative implementation of secret sharing algorithms which makes it resistant to phishing and MITM attacks even if a user’s phone is compromised or communication hijacked.

The Octopus Authenticator App

The Octopus Authenticator App

The Octopus Authenticator offers a simple “touch-and-go” experience – users approve a secure push notification and provide a biometric identifier using the available sensor on their enrolled mobile device

  • Easy and fast user enrollment
  • Supports offline authentication
  • Built on proven Secret Sharing cryptography
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
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Secret Double Octopus is a market leader in authentication security, delivering high customer satisfaction, user adoption and overall ROI. We are proud to be loved by our users and trusted by Fortune500 companies worldwide.

Passwordless = Value Across the Enterprise

Removing passwords unloads a significant burden from the enterprise helpdesk and domain admins and increase worker productivity. And with no passwords to protect and manage, budgets are freed.

Reduce Employee Down Time

With passwords out of the equation, users are happier and more productive. No more multiple login attempts and helpdesk tickets that lead to lost productivity.

Centrally-Managed Identity Security

Effective management capabilities, including over-the-air distribution and self-service enrolment.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Replacing password with strong passwordless authentication results in lowering the burden on the helpdesk, making password management systems redundant and password-protection programs irrelevant.

Remove Passwords Across the Organization

Here is a sample of the applications and resources that Secret Double Octopus integrates with

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