Octopus Lite

BYOA: Desktop MFA for Your Authenticator

Zero-Trust starts
at the workstation

With massive remote work and higher reliance on Single Sign-On and federated identities, better workstation authentication is crucial to the security of the entire domain.

Octopus Lite offers a fast, easy and robust desktop MFA that works seamlessly with ForgeRock, Okta and other IdPs. With a lightweight agent and no servers installed, Octopus Lite brings a cost-effective and speedy MFA solution for all workstations using your existing authenticator apps.

Close the desktop authentication gap

Octopus Lite is a unique plug-n-play desktop MFA solution designed for enterprise environments using ForgeRock, Okta, and other centralized identity providers.

– Simple and secure MFA for any workstation,
online or offline
– Brings workstation under the same security
and visibility umbrella
– Reduces employee downtime and
helpdesk support costs

Close the desktop authentication gap

Quick results and easy path to full passwordless

By integrating fully into any IT setup, Octopus Lite fits to enterprise clients of the biggest scale.

– Fast server-free deployment that delivers on day one
– A familiar experience – Uses existing ForgeRock/Okta verification app
– Easy path to a fully passwordless enterprise at any point

One login from the desktop to the cloud

With one sleek and quick action, users can log in to their workstations and instantly access any cloud asset.
Octopus Lite integrates fully with your domain’s Identity and Access Management solution and extends the reach of existing MFA apps to the desktop, delivering easier and faster access to any online asset with improved security.

A Path to Passwordless That Fits You

Octopus Lite

BYOA: Plug-n-Play Desktop MFA for 3rd Party Authenticators

Octopus Starter

The Fastest, Most Accessible Way to Start Your Journey with Our Platform

Octopus Pro

Passwordless-Ready Desktop MFA for Windows and Mac’s

Octopus Enterprise

End-to-end Passwordless Workforce Authentication