Octopus Pro

Desktop MFA for Mac & Windows

Closing the
Desktop MFA Gap

Octopus Pro is an easily deployed universal MFA solution for Windows & macOS workstations, web applications, cloud services, and remote access tools.

The lightweight Octopus endpoint agent works on any OS and integrates with any enterprise identity platform, to easily close workstations MFA gaps without hurting employees’ experience or deploying new authentication apps.

Closing the Desktop MFA Gap

Modern Authentication Solution for the Modern Enterprise

The Octopus Authentication Platform was built for the future workforce and offers unparalleled flexibility and compatibility while keeping things fast and
simple for users.

Whether it’s workstations, SaaS platforms, or homegrown legacy apps – Octopus Pro offers high-security access with the same interface users know and love.

Patented Rotation-Based Passwordless MFA

Let’s face it, IAM is complex. Our unique Rotation-Based Passwordless approach enables the most complete coverage for employee enterprise use cases.

Bring Your Own Authenticator

Deploying a new MFA solution doesn’t have to be a pain! Octopus Pro works seamlessly with any existing authentication app used by your identity provider, FIDO2 security keys, or the high-assurance Octopus Authenticator app.

Octopus Authenticator

The Octopus Authenticator is a high-assurance app for universal passwordless access

3rd Party Authenticators

Boost your deployed authentication apps with a desktop MFA capability

FIDO2 Keys

Our FIDO2-certified on-prem server lets you use any FIDO2 authenticator

Compatible with any IAM infrastructure

Octopus Pro integrates seamlessly with any service, application and device, on or off the premises, to bring a unified authentication experience for employees and administrators.

Our simple installation process and easy-to-manage configuration templates get you up and running in no time and keep all user and group data fully synced with your domain’s directory.

One login from the desktop to the cloud

With one sleek and quick action, users can log in to their workstations and instantly access any cloud asset.
The Octopus Authenticator offers a unique “touch-and-go” experience that’s fast, easy, and resilient to MitM and client-side attacks, while the Octopus SSO Portal ensures that a streamlined workflow is easier than ever.

Serving Fortune50 companies around
the globe

Secret Double Octopus’s unique approach to enterprise authentication is revolutionizing security standards and business workflows in some of the world’s largest corporations – from multi-national banks to giants of heavy industry.

The shift to modern MFA boosts security instantly, no matter what your employees do and where they are. And on top of that, it makes your organization ready for all 21st-century challenges by streamlining employee access and enabling true digital transformation.

A User is Offline?

No Problem!
Online and offline, workstation logon is equally fast and simple

No Smartphone?

No problem!
Users can always authenticate using a FIDO2 device or a secure phone callback service

A Path to Passwordless That Fits You

Octopus Starter

The Fastest, Most Accessible Way to Start Your Journey with Our Platform

Octopus Pro

Passwordless-Ready Desktop MFA for Windows and Mac’s

Octopus Enterprise

End-to-end Passwordless Workforce Authentication