Octopus Authenticator SDK

Strong authentication for existing or new apps

Strong Authentication

Integrate advanced strong authentication into existing or new apps for multi-shield protection. Double up on security for payments, banking, ATM, insurance agents, or eCommerce apps.

Your users don’t want complicated security. Make it simple
with Secret Double Octopus

User Comfort

Octopus Authentication blends powerful security with user comfort. Your users authenticate by tapping on push notifications – that’s all. Our app’s slick UX overlays powerful security, free of the vulnerabilities of traditional push systems

No matter your current setup, this is your solution to strong authentication
Keyless Design

Our app is keyless – no key material is stored on the phone or server. Authentication is more secure, and your systems are protected. Our authentication guarantees the highest level of security at the lowest cost of ownership.

Octopus Authenticator SDK

Strong authentication

User comfort

Keyless design

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