Self-service Enroller

Increase security, efficiency, and employee autonomy

Autonomous user enrollment

Secret Double Octopus returns enrollment powers to your users – and relieves the burden on IT help desk. With our app, your employees are able to securely identify and be identified by their peers, superiors, HR staff, or any authorized users. And the process is managed and logged, so no action is missed or left unaccounted for.

Your users are busy.
Prevent loss of productivity
with Secret Double Octopus.

Security against fraudsters

Your infrastructure integrity matters. And it’s growing – so it’s harder to keep track of legitimate users and fraudsters without additional authentication and monitoring.

Our self-service enroller uses the highly secure secret sharing scheme. This means legitimate user authentication is layered, and fraudsters cannot enroll by infiltrating a single point.

Using our service, you can require two or more peer identifications to take place before enrollment. Each produces a secret sharing code, and only the prerequisite number of identification will allow successful enrollment.

Easy for the user means
easy for you
Uncomplicated enrollment

Enrollment is easy for the user – and that means it’s easy for you. Users can enroll and identify via their mobile phones with the Octopus Authenticator app – so there’s no need for additional support.

With our app, strong authentication meets ease of use. Identify and be identified using a single tap and finger scan.

Secret Double Octopus
Self-service enroller

Autonomous user enrollment

Highly secured

Easy to use

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