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Octopus Authenticator secures access to Marketo accounts with high-assurance, multi- factor authentication (MFA). Marketo end-users benefit from a smooth login experience using a secure authenticator on their mobile device and Marketo admins protect company assets from embarrassing and damaging compromise.

Leverage your Active Directory

Delight your users

Ensuring users enjoy a simple, consistent experience – when access is simplified, users stop looking to bypasses and compromise security, such as writing down passwords on sticky notes, choosing easy to remember – easy to hack passwords or just a one password fits all approach.

Beyond Remote Access

Beyond Remote Access

Enable high-assurance, password-free authentication for machine and network logon, remote access users, and access to web/cloud services, and bring new meaning to single sign-on.

Scalable Architecture

A Scalable Solution

Password management inhibits growth. Mass-market demands and large IT environments, involve enormous operational costs when delivered alongside conventional authentication. By eliminating the need to manage passwords, our platform drastically reduces cost and enables scalability.

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“Not only match but exceed, the level of protection afforded by conventional cryptography”

“Password-free authentication, including Windows PC, network login, and access to applications.”

“Extra-secure, but simple, keyless authentication services”

How It Works

We’re combining unique technologies on both sides of the authentication equation: protecting user identity, and seamlessly integrating authentication to systems inside the domain. Underpinning our high-assurance, password-free authentication solution are the secret sharing algorithms.

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