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Protect your Sugar® instance from unauthorized access with the Octopus Authenticator. Replace onerous password policies and frustrating lockouts with a high-assurance authenticator that runs on the user’s mobile device and provides the security you need with the usability your users will appreciate.

Why Octopus

Frustration-free UX

Password-free security isn’t just about removing vulnerabilities. Our authentication platform is designed so anybody can use it – to be seamless, intuitive, and unobtrusive. It’s comprehensive security that’s hidden from the user. No typing of codes and no SMS.


Multi Shield Protection

When there’s endless possibilities, intruders are unable to play a guessing game. Multiple routes, layers, and shields prevent true interception – and security information cannot be extrapolated from a single share.
Our patent-pending multi-shield authentication is resilient to SMS hijacking, push notification cracking, key theft, man-in-the-middle, and PKI slip-ups.

Leverage your Active Directory

Leverage your Active Directory

Octopus domain authentication works seamlessly with your existing Active Directory service, allowing your organization to go completely password-free.

What They Say

“Not only match but exceed, the level of protection afforded by conventional cryptography”

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“Password-free authentication, including Windows PC, network login, and access to applications.”

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“Extra-secure, but simple, keyless authentication services”

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How It Works

We’re combining unique technologies on both sides of the authentication equation: protecting user identity, and seamlessly integrating authentication to systems inside the domain. Underpinning our high-assurance, password-free authentication solution are the secret sharing algorithms.

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