Our Technology Partners

Working with the world’s leading IT vendors to make passwordless the new normal in a smart, safe and cost-efficient manner


As a winner of ForgeRock’s Global Partner Award for Workforce Technology, Secret Double Octopus is proud to help thousands of enterprise employees across the globe access their workstations, applications, and networks with a simple, fast and secure passwordless authentication.



As part of Lenovo’s enterprise security portfolio, Secret Double Octopus provides the first built-in passwordless authentication solution for the workforce. Protect employees workstations and accounts with one unified and easy MFA wherever they need to go.



Easily eliminate all workforce passwords even where smartphones aren’t available with the combined strength of YubiKey™ and the Octopus on-prem FIDO certified server.



Secret Double Octopus offers Okta users a unique set of passwordless MFA solutions as part of the official Okta Integration Network. From a plug-and-play desktop MFA to a fully password-free IT environment, while keeping their trusted Okta Verify infrastructure.

Limitless Passwordless Integrations

Whether you’re using a cloud Identity & Access Management platform or relying on an on-prem Identity Provider such as Active Directory, our platform quickly delivers full passwordless authenticnation to any service or application in the domain.