It only takes one password
to make you vulnerable

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Comparison of Password-free Authentication Solutions

Secret Double Octopus
Smart Card
Win Hello for Business
QR Code
  Gemalto, RSA Microsoft Trusona
Password-Free Authentication to AD (On-Prem)
Password-Free WorkStation login - Windows
Password-Free WorkStation login - MacOS
Password-Free WorkStation login - Linux
Low friction UX
Resilient to key theft, MITM and phishing
ActiveSync / Mobile
No dedicated hardware
Windows domain / Network assets protection
Private key off workstation not using PKI

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If it’s not 100% Password-free, it’s NOT Password Free

Secret Double Octopus is the only solution offering a high assurance password-free authentication with:

Access to all applications, legacy and cloud

High frequency auto rotation for Active Directory passwords

Multi-factor authentication using quantum-safe algorithms

The realization of the need for a password-free future is global

That is why, in recent years authentication market has been filling out with new types of passwordless solutions in the likes of SMS, Biometrics, and QR codes. These solutions are improving the user experience, but they are far from supplying an enterprise ready solution that truly gets away with passwords.

What They Say

“Not only match but exceed, the level of protection afforded by conventional cryptography”

“Extra-secure, but simple, keyless authentication services”

“Secret Double Octopus approach is unbreakable”