Passwordless MFA
For Workforces

Stop the 80% of data breaches

caused by compromised credentials

Passwordless MFA For Workforces

Why Go Passwordless MFA

Good security usually means a trade-off between convenience and ease-of-use. Unlike MFA that introduced friction into the user authentication equation, passwordless MFA brings the best of both-of-worlds to the table with better security and improved UX.
Better Security Passwordless slashes your attack surface by eliminating shared secrets and reducing reliance on end users
Improved AuthN UX Modernize your IAM infrastructure to take advantage of smartphone ubiquity, biometrics and FIDO key standardization
Lower costs Eliminate help desk costs related to passwords and consolidate multiple MFA systems into a modern solution

Becoming an Ironclad, Passwordless Enterprise Move AuthN Responsibility to IT

Humans are the weakest link in security. Why do we entrust them to manage credentials? Take end users out of the equation from managing enterprise-wide authentication. End users never have to set, remember or reuse a password again. Take the authentication responsibility out of the hands of end users. Achieve better security, lower costs across the board and delight your users with a better user experience.

Universal, End-to-End Coverage

Only 16% of organizations use MFA everywhere their employees login. This means most organizations have open holes spread throughout their enterprise. SaaS apps maybe be MFA protected, but external RDP access may not be. When you swiss cheese your authentication architecture, you don’t get the benefits of MFA or passwordless authentication. It’s important to pick a vendor that can cover all the logins your employees face in a day, including legacy on-premise applications. SDO is that vendor.

Modern FIDO and mobile architecture

Despite advances in single sign-on and governance in IAM, organizations are not taking advantage of the ubiquity of smartphones and the biometrics and secure chips within them. New passwordless solutions use FIDO keys and smartphone technology to introduce more secure and frictionless ways of accessing enterprise systems.

State of Workforce Authentication 2022

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Are you ready to move on from MFA and passwords?

Passwords depend on users
Passwords depend on users
Traditional MFA is built on passwords
Traditional MFA is built on passwords
MFA hacks are growing
MFA hacks are growing
No one likes MFA or passwords
No one likes MFA or passwords
Both are outdated
Both are outdated
Too complex and too costly
Too complex and too costly

Why Secret Double Octopus?

  • No change to infrastructureNo change to infrastructure
  • Complete use case coverageComplete use case coverage
  • Unique rotation-based approachUnique rotation-based approach
  • Deployed at scaleDeployed at scale
  • Deployment flexibilityDeployment flexibility
  • Phishing-Resistant MFAPhishing-Resistant MFA
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Why Secret Double Octopus