The most versatile
Phishing-Resistant MFA

High-Assurance Push Authentication
For Cloud and On-Prem Directories

Phishing in the Crosshairs of Attacker and Regulators

IT leaders face fast-approaching deadlines to prove the business has met MFA mandates and cyber insurance criteria everywhere. But traditional MFA can’t beat the phishing menace. A phishing-resistant MFA is mission-critical.

With Secret Double Octopus (SDO), you upgrade your workforce to phishing-resistant MFA without re-architecting directories or refactoring applications.

Phishing in the crosshairs of attacker and regulators laptop

Flexible Options For Your Diverse Workforce

Change is Hard, SDO is Easy

Desktop-to-Apps Pinning stops advanced MITM phishing attacks without adding hardware smartcards or FIDO2 keys or changing your Identity infrastructure.

FIDO2 Across
the Enterprise

Other FID02 offerings just work with Webapps. SDO includes CTAP2 and certified Server to protect Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops, webapps, and corporate apps.

Attackers Are

Octopus adaptive MFA capabilities, including verified push, geotocation, and anomalous retry lockout, protect even unobservant users from push bomb attacks.

Proven Scale with Industry Leaders

Choose a vendor that has been proven time and time again with massive scaled out global deployments.

Get Phishing-Resistant MFA and a FIDO Enabled Enterprise Slash the Attack Surface, Modernize Faster

The Octopus relieves users from password management and works with existing directories. Users never create, forget. or expose passwords, putting secrets exclusively in the hands the business. Now, admins eliminate tedious password help desk calls and modernize identity infrastructure faster without user coordination.

Get Phishing-Resistant MFA and a FIDO Enabled Enterprise Slash the Attack Surface, Modernize Faster

Users Love Passwordless, But IT is the Real Winner


The Most Complete
Enterprise Use Cases

Enterprises run on complex and diverse workloads. But, other offerings leave critical apps and essential services behind because it doesn’t fit their certificate authentication workflows. SDO provides comprehensive use case coverage, including desktops, web apps, remote work, and corporate custom and legacy services.

The Most Complete Enterprise Use Cases

FIDO Enterprise Today

FIDO2 has the backing of Internet giants and promises a streamlined, low-cost, self-provisioned authentication future. SDO provides a complete solution that bridge FIDO2 to your on-prem and private cloud apps and services today:

  • WebAuth & CTAP2
  • Certified FIDO Server
  • Works with password directories

Industry Recocnized
Best-in-Class Awarded

SDO took top honors as the Best-in-Class Passwordless Authentication Solution for enterprises in an AITE Novarica study. This was the most thorough analysis of all significant passwordless solutions in the market and included discussions with actual deployed customers.

Aite Novarica