The Secret Double
Octopus Advantages

Architectural Simplicity Conquers
Enterprise Complexity

No Change To
Your Infrastructure

Connect to your existing user directories, access management solutions, and legacy on-premise applications, with little change to your IT process workflow. SDO avoids an experience and complicated PKI infrastructure roll out and can even get you up and running in an hour when using our Octopus Cloud.

Why Secret Double Octopus

Unmatched Completeness and Robustness

This simplicity does not mean less technical depth. In fact, SDO has been named an industry leader for enterprise passwordless. Focused exclusively on workforce IAM, we lead the market for supporting complex enterprise environments. Here are some of our best-in-class features:

Passwordless Desktops
Windows (x86/ARM), MacOS & Linux
Adaptive geo confirmation
VPN, RDP & SSH for Remote Employees
Mac with FileVault support
High-Assurance Phishing Resistancy
Passwordless RDP and ssh
Passwordless for Legacy Apps
Expand Your FIDO2 Reach
Google Directory support
Any On-Prem or Cloud Directory

We Rolled Out MFA (Everyone Hates It) and We Just Got Phished

How to Get MFA Right the First Time

Flexible Passwordless

Not everyone can afford to go passwordless day one. SDO offers unmatched flexibility for passwordless, one use case or user group at a time:

Flexible Starting Points

Flexible Starting Points

Start with traditional MFA and flip the switch later, or passwordless on day one. Desktop, remote worker use cases or all in on passwordless? Prefer on-premises servers or fully managed Cloud? SDO offers a mature and fully developed platform that will meet your needs.

BYO Authenticator

BYO Authenticator

Already have an MFA Authenticator but no desktop MFA? SDO supports a wide range of MFA authenticators in addition to its own full featured Octopus Authenticator.

Incremental Passwordless Enablement

Incremental Passwordless Enablement

Worried about a user getting stuck out of an important resource after going passwordless? SDO offers incremental enablement with features like biometrically protected secrets fallback and one-time user set passwords.

Proven Scale with Industry Leaders

Choose a vendor that has been proven time and time again with massive scaled out global deployments.