Secure Access
for Higher Education

Remove vulnerable passwords from staff and student logins with a powerful phishing-resistant MFA workflow.

Secure Access for Higher Education

Keep the Phish
Out of School

Today’s MFA can’t stop the phishing menace. The Octopus passwordless MFA platform takes passwords out of the user login process that stops attackers’ ability to exploit passwords, phish users, and breach learning institutions.

Keep the phish out of school

Users Love Passwordless,
But IT is the Real Winner

Passwordless MFA streamlines student and staff logins so users never create, remember or expose passwords again. That means less Help Desk calls.

Easy-to-implement modernization lets IT leaders show measurable ROI within year one without having to rearchitect apps and directories.

Get Phishing-Resistant MFA and a FIDO Enabled Enterprise Slash the Attack Surface, Modernize Faster
End Password/ OTP Frustration Delight staff and students with streamlined MFA that works in less time, with less typing.
Close MFA Compliance Gaps The Octopus supports all remote access protocols, including LDAP, Radius, SAML, and Kerberos to make VPN, VDI, RDP, and Linux and Windows privileged access.
Less Risk with Less Work Octopus passwordless MFA works with password directories—behind the scenes. That means less hassle for IT during join-move-leave (JML) semester surges, no calls to reset passwords. Just happy, secure users.

Easy Startup, Lower Operating Cost, Affordable Campus-wide Site License


Be Up and Rolling in an Hour

It only takes an hour to configure and connect Octopus Cloud to your campus directories and start onboarding users. SDO’s passwordless MFA works with password directories including Active Directory and Okta, Ping, and Azure cloud directories. You don’t have to rearchitect identity infrastructure or recode applications to eliminate the user password threat.


Synchronized MFA Enforcement with Directory Group JML

No additional work is needed to support JML student semester surges. Octopus synchronizes with directory groups for automated MFA lifecycle management for dynamic student populations.


Affordable Campus-Wide Site Licenses

Colleges and universities support a diverse mix of active and dormant student accounts at any given time. Octopus provides institutions with flexible pricing models that make sense for transitory student populations.


Free Up Your Time-Strapped IT Admins

Research shows 40% of Help Desk calls still involve passwords. Octopus MFA eliminates the password and simplifies time-consuming mandated password rotation with a click of a button. With fewer panicked students, IT can spend more cycles innovating to modernize aging campus infrastructures.


FIDO2 and Mobile Push

FIDO2 hardware tokens are today’s standard approach for phishing-resistant MFA. But tokens can get lost, so students and campus leaders prefer mobile push.

Octopus passwordless MFA supports the cryptographic public-private key pair binding used in FIDO2 but adds Desktop-to-App pinning that works with mobile push. Choose the method – or mix – that makes sense for your evolving campus environment.

Admins are the Big winners

Managed Devices and BYOD

Shutdowns changed the way students access learning management systems (LMS) and interact with a school’s digital resources. Octopus gives remote and on-campus users a single passwordless MFA workflow for university-issued laptops, shared lab terminals, and students’ own BOYD devices.

Managed devices and BYOD

Industry Recocnized
Best-in-Class Awarded

SDO took top honors as the Best-in-Class Passwordless Authentication Solution for enterprises in an AITE Novarica study. This was the most thorough analysis of all significant passwordless solutions in the market and included discussions with actual deployed customers.

Aite Novarica


Why Secret Double Octopus?

  • Slashes the attack surfaceSlashes the attack surface
  • More productive remote workforceMore productive remote workforce
  • Pays big business dividendsPays big business dividends
  • Phishing-resistant MFAPhishing-resistant MFA
  • Works with password directoriesWorks with password directories
  • Pays for itself in the first yearPays for itself in the first year
Why Secret Double Octopus