Modernise IT Operations Faster Without Passwords

Eliminating passwords is one sure path to achieving stronger security, a better user experience, and IT operations improvement all at once.

Fast Path to Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA

Passwords Are a Drag on IT Ops

MFA that starts with passwords, slows down users’ ability to get things done, and consumes too many cycles of time-strapped IT admins. With a passwordless approach, “less is more” – less risk, less work for IT, less Help Desk drudgery – but it also means more” users gain 5% productivity daily.

Delight the workforce
the workforce
Giving workers a passwordless login for desktop, web apps, and on-premises services–save time and avoid frustration!
No more password help desk calls
No more password help desk calls No more user passwords means no more password lockout Help Desk tickets – IT admins and tech support get to focus on more valuable work
Security pays IT dividends
Security pays
IT dividends
Passwordless is the one thing you can do today to improve security and deliver quantifiable IT operations ROI

One Secure Login for Enterprise-wide Access

With the Octopus, all of your workers prove who they are with high-assurance passwordless methods across all your business’ apps and services. No more gaps in MFA coverage or confusion on which login method to use. And, no more MFA fatigue. Even in your heterogeneous directory infrastructure.
One Secure Login for Enterprise-wide Access

Passwordless Enables IT Innovations

Roll out White-Glove IT Support Services

No one, especially executives and outward facing billable account reps, can afford to sit in front of their computer during time-consuming IT support calls. Octopus lets approved support staff use the client’s profile, with a clear audit trail, to fix their problems while the user is doing more productive work.

Roll out White-Glove IT Support Services

Rotate Secrets with the Click of a Button

Password rotations can mean company-wide, all-hands-on-deck exercises–quarter after quarter. Octopus eliminates these nightmares by replacing the directory password field with machine-generated tokens, automatically rotated on your schedule.

Secure Shared Accounts

Shared accounts fail every security, compliance, and cyber insurance test, yet they remain a common practice in many businesses. Octopus lets IT add a high-assurance MFA of each individual worker’s access to existing share account systems without forcing a costly redesign.

Secure Shared Accounts

IT & OT Admins Can Be Air Gap Friends

Manufacturing businesses operate layered air gap islands to protect the businesses’ crown jewels. Octopus lets IT deliver secure remote access to and inside air gaps, so OT can be confident that only legitimate workers get zero-trust-tested access.

IT & OT Admins Can Be Air Gap Friends

International aerospace and defense manufacturers use passwordless MFA to protect sensitive data, improve user experience, and lower Help Desk costs.


Change is hard, but Octopus is easy

Other passwordless technologies only work with their compatible applications and directories. Octopus works with modern SSO and FIDO2-enabled applications. And Octopus works with remote access and your existing on-premises and legacy apps, too. As a result, you can get enterprise-wide passwordless use case coverage in a fraction of the time.
Change is hard, but Octopus is easy

Why Octopus for passwordless authentication?

Every IT leader wants less risk, especially when it means lower cost and less effort, too. the Octopus platform makes going passwordless easy.

Octopus offers the fastest path to strong authentication and delighted users. And you can start benefiting in about an hour.

Watch the short video, “Passwordless MFA in an Hour,” to learn how.

Fast Path to Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA

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