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Multi Shield Protection for Users and Things

The world’s first keyless networking framework, is also its most secure

Secret Double Octopus does not require encryption keys or certificate authorities. Instead, data – morphed into random bits of information – travels via multiple routes across the Internet and gets reassembled at its destination. Along the way, network traffic and authentication are fully secured.

Hardening and simplifying PKI, SSL & VPN

Secret sharing: proven mathematics, newly applied

Encryption algorithms are designed to take too long to crack. Another set of algorithms goes one step further. Information-theoretical security schemes cannot be cracked – not even with unlimited computing power. Just imagine solving a single equation with two unknown parameters. Computing power won’t help when your information is insufficient.

You can’t crack what you can’t track.

Secret sharing scheme is an information-theoretic security algorithm established in 1979 separately by renowned cryptographers Adi Shamir and George Blakley. At Secret Double Octopus, we’ve created a keyless communication and authentication protocol around Secret Sharing, which enables to raise the standard for traffic protection and solve mass scale authentication challenges like mobile and IoT

“Companies have been hacked again and again, yet critical business communications are still being secured the same way as they’ve been for years. And now with new Mobile Apps, the Cloud, and the Internet of Things businesses are even more at risk.”
Steve Hunt, Senior Analyst, Cyber Security
“With the definition of ‘safe’ key length constantly growing, sensitive information from recent years can now be decrypted. We’re helping customers end this arms race with a next generation, perfect information theoretically secure network security scheme”
Prof. Shlomi Dolev, CSO, Secret Double Octopus

Keep up with attackers.
Keep your hardware, too.

Our technology works seamlessly with your existing or planned network infrastructure, so you can benefit from the highest level of network security while leveraging your hardware and security investments.

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