The Industry’s Most Complete Workforce Passwordless MFA

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With Passwordless MFA from the Octopus, employees never have to set or remember a password.

Eliminate user’s knowing passwords with a simplified MFA workflow that covers the broadest number of enterprise use cases. Give your workforce one consistent authentication experience, from desktops to legacy applications, all while increasing your security posture as an organization.

Eliminate MFA Frustration

Traditional MFA is built on passwords. Not only is this the biggest source of data breaches and security risk to your organization, but employees are frustrated and resigned to the user experience.

Take Control of Secrets, Eliminate MFA Frustration

Why Secret Double Octopus?

No Rearchitecting Your Identity Infrastructure
Unlike PKI cert-based alternatives, SDO's passwordless MFA does not require you set up or extend cert infrastructure to get employees off of passwords. This makes deployment easier and more effective in meeting complex enterprise requirements. Achieve better security, improve user experience and lower cost with the Octopus Authentication Platform.
Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA

Become Phishing-Resistant

Only SDO offers a non-certificate-based approach to becoming phishing-resistant and meeting regulatory compliance.

Make your workforce more productive

Modernize at Your Pace

Whether starting with FIDO keys, desktop MFA or remote worker use cases, SDO provides a flexible path to Full Passwordless MFA over time.

Meet CyberInsurance Mandates

Meet Cyber Insurance Mandates

Enable modern MFA for admin use cases to servers and shared accounts, and centralize MFA management for universal coverage.

Enterprise FIDO2 Ready Today

Protect Legacy Applications

SDO lives by the "no app left behind" motto and offers the richest support for non-SAML enabled legacy application support out-of-the-box.

Push Bombing Prevention

Today’s automated man-in-the-middle attacks have changed the game for phishing defense. Enjoy state-of-the-art adaptive capabilities that thwart this threat in its tracks.

Identity-First Security

Meet the Zero Trust era with an industry-leading solution that has been recognized as “Best-in-Class” for enterprise workforce protection. For us, identity is the new perimeter.

Modern FIDO-Based MFA

Get ready for an enterprise FIDO-based passwordless future today. Whether it be Passkeys or traditional security keys, we leverage the latest in smartphone biometrics and standards to modernize authentication.

Eliminate Risk with Proven Scaled Deployments
Pathway to FIDO Future

Pathway to FIDO Future

FIDO 2 solves many problems with legacy certificates and is backed by internet giants. The Octopus authenticates Window, MAC, and Linux desktop users with self provisioned FIDO2 keys, and includes a certified FIDO2 server for web app authentication out of the box.

Passwordless Journey Flexibility

Passwordless Journey Flexibility

Going passwordless doesn’t have to be a risky one shot deal. Our unmatched flexibility allows you to start with a specific use case and go fully passwordless over time.

Security-Leading Customers and Partners.

Trust that SDO has been deployed in production globally and at massive scale in everything from Fortune 100 to SMB organizations

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