Fast Path to Passwordless MFA

Plug Tomorrow’s Workforce MFA into Your Infrastructure Quickly without Changing Apps and Identity Directories

Take Control of Authentication, Eliminate MFA Fatigue

Traditional MFA is built on passwords, which is the biggest security risk to your organization.

Passwordless MFA from Secret Double Octopus ushers in a new era of security and usability for your organization.

Take authentication responsibility off of users and offer them a simplified MFA workflow:

  • Most complete use case coverage
  • Consistent MFA UX experience
  • Robust desktop MFA options
  • Legacy application support
  • Leverage existing IAM infrastructure
  • SaaS or on-premises deployment

No Change to Your Infrastructure

Unlike PKI only alternatives, SDO passwordless MFA does not require you build up PKI infrastructure before getting users off of passwords. Instead, we integrate with all leading directories and access management solutions without interrupting your existing identity workflows. Achieve better security, improve user experience and lower cost with SDO’s highly recognized solution.

Eliminate the IT Risk from Going Passwordless

The past is littered with failed employee passwordless projects. Know why? They couldn’t adapt to enterprise infrastructure complexity and workforce workflow diversity. This is where SDO truly shines.

Workforce Flexibility, IT Empowerment

Separating users from passwords with biometric mobile pushes, FIDO2 or even legacy smart card certificates frees IT to modernize infrastructure unimpeded.

Users and Admins Don’t Get Stuck with SDO

Eliminate time-draining password help desk calls. No user passwords, no password help desk tickets, and Our unique fallback features make going passwordless pain and risk-free. Our unmatched flexibility allows you to start with a specific use case and go end-to-end passwordless over time.

Pathway to a FIDO Future

FIDO2 solves many problems with legacy certificates and is backed by internet giants. The Octopus Platform authenticates Windows, MAC, and Linux desktop users with self-provisioned FIDO2 keys, and includes a certified FIDO2 server for web app authentication out of the box.

Security Benefits of Passwordless MFA

See what passwordless can do for your organization.

Secure Your Enterprise by Going Passwordless