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Multi Shield Protection for Users and Things

Multi Shield Protection for Users and Things

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Secret Double Octopus in Networkworld

"Secret Double Octopus approach is unbreakable"

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"...they indeed make the life of a hacker significantly tougher"

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"extra-secure, but simple, keyless authentication services"

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"Selected for its innovative approach to network security and authentication"

“Not only match but exceed, the level of protection afforded by
conventional cryptography, without most of the downsides”
Gartner Cool Vendor Award, 2016

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March 1st, 2017|0 Comments

"New York state cybersecurity regs go into effect today, industry responds" CS Magazin

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February 20th, 2017|0 Comments

"Four Disruptive 'Cyber Trends' At RSA" Forbes Magazin

Hardening and simplifying Authentication & PKI

Secret sharing: proven mathematics, newly applied

Encryption algorithms are designed to take too long to crack. Another set of algorithms goes one step further. Information-theoretical security schemes cannot be cracked – not even with unlimited computing power. Just imagine solving a single equation with two unknown parameters. Computing power won’t help when your information is insufficient.

You can’t crack what you can’t track.

Secret sharing scheme is an information-theoretic security algorithm established in 1979 separately by renowned cryptographers Adi Shamir and George Blakley. At Secret Double Octopus, we’ve created a keyless communication and authentication protocol around Secret Sharing, which enables to raise the standard for traffic protection and solve mass scale authentication challenges like mobile and IoT

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