The Passwordless Imperative

Getting authentication right in critical infrastructure (CI) sectors is of paramount importance. Clear and present danger to workers–and public safety itself– dwarfs even the financial risks (not to mention your reputation). MFA that still uses passwords simply falls short. But now you don’t need them.

Why Passwordless MFA for Industrial CI?

The Top 3 Reasons

Stronger ID verification
Stronger ID Verification Passwords get stolen, shared, and phished. Passwordless MFA eliminates what users “know” in favor of what they have and who they are for high-assurance authentication.
Boosts productivity
Boosts Productivity Passwords burden users and your IT/OT admins. Passwordless MFA takes mere seconds and doesn’t distract professionals from important tasks
Closes compliance gaps
Closes Compliance Gaps Passwords burden users and your IT/OT admins. Passwordless MFA takes mere seconds and doesn’t distract professionals from important tasks.

The Best MFA for the Most Challenging Environments

Single MFA workflow for Corporate and Production Workers

A diverse workforce needs flexible authentication methods to meet all business use cases. Octopus supports multiple authentication methods for full use case coverage.

Works with Modern and Legacy Applications

Critical businesses run on managed on-premises custom and legacy applications. Octopus passwordless MFA eliminates user password authentication without forcing IT to recode applications or rearchitect the identity infrastructure that drives your business.

Works with Modern and Legacy Applications

MFA for
Shared Accounts

Many industrial production environments run shared workstations operated by shift workers that present a security and compliance risk to the business. Octopus adds frictionless passwordless MFA access to shared accounts with a clear audit trail of which worker did what and when.

MFA for Shared Accounts


Secure Remote Access

Today, critical industries depend on employees, contractors, and vendor technicians having 24/7 access to corporate IT and OT environments to keep operations running. Octopus ensures remote users crossing the dangerous internet are the legitimate users they say they are with a single point of entry and audit trail to simplify compliance.

Secure Remote Access

Air Gap
Passwordless MFA

Many industrial production environments are physically and digitally isolated within air gap islands. Octopus gives operators the ability to apply strong passwordless authentication across the internet DMZs and jump servers for industry-first secure remote access to the air gap.

Air Gap Passwordless MFA

International aerospace and defense manufacturers use passwordless MFA to protect sensitive data, improve user experience, and lower Help Desk costs.



Why Octopus Passwordless MFA?

  • Slashes the attack surfaceSlashes the attack surface
  • More productive remote workforceMore productive remote workforce
  • Pays big business dividendsPays big business dividends
  • Phishing-resistant MFAPhishing-resistant MFA
  • Works with password directoriesWorks with password directories
  • Pays for itself in the first yearPays for itself in the first year
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