Zero Trust Identity Begins with Desktop MFA

Because every user is a privileged user in today’s world

Secure workstations for
a secure domain

Employee workstations are the main doorway to companies’ networks and data. With the massive increase in remote work and cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated, relying on a password to access the domain is simply no longer an option.

Whether you’re using on-prem, cloud or hybrid IAM platform, protecting domain-wide accounts requires a secure and user-friendly MFA solution.

High-Assurance Authentication

The Octopus Multifactor Authentication mechanism relys on unbreakable cryptographic protocols and is fully resistant aganist client-side and man-in-the-middela attacks.

Unparalleled User Experience

The end to multiple MFA methods and endless password resets.
The Octopus Platform ensures reliable and robust authentication that always delivers – online or offline, wherever you are – to get the job done.

Cutting Security and Support Costs

A single authentication mechanism to replace all MFA solutions dramatically lowers the burden on IT, security and helpdesk teams.
And more importantly – a single MFA solution keeps employees happy.

Fast and secure authenticaton that always works

With a single touch of the finger users approve workstation login requests and are seamlessly connected to the enterprise SSO portal or any cloud app.

  • Full integration with on-prem Active Directory and other IdPs
  • Use your currently deployed 3rd-party authenticator app
  • Easy and fast user enrollment and provisioning
  • Offline authentication via BLE or FIDO key

Easy MFA for any workstation, platform and service

“Securing employees in global enterprises is our mission. The Octopus Desktop MFA was designed and built from the ground up to secure the workforce in rapidly changing business environments that require unbeatable security with minimal friction.

Our enterprise-grade MFA solution delivers the highest NIST Authentication Assurance Level to workstations of any kind, and a simple touch-and-go experience to end-users, with the promise to keep working at all times, online or offline.”

One multifactor authentication for all your use cases

A unified MFA solution that supports all the authentication use-cases of business users, including workstation and network logon, remote access, cloud access, privileged access, identity federation, etc. And it also works offline.

Workstation and
network login

MFA for workstation logon, online and offline, with support for Active Directory, Okta or Azure AD.

VPN & Remote Access

Best in class MFA for any VPN and remote access service.

Legacy apps and Cloud Services

Provide employees with a single multi-factor authenticator to securely access all legacy and modern business applications.

Integrate With Existing Infrastructure

A universal MFA solution that seamlessly integrates into all your IT stack, quickly, with no operational interruptions

One Step Closer
to Full Passwordlees Authentication

Secret Double Octopus reimagines employee authentication. We believe that enterprise security is served best when employees don’t notice authentication and security teams are free to do their work. We believe in a Passwordless Enterprise.

A Path to Passwordless That Fits You

Octopus Starter

The Fastest, Most Accessible Way to Start Your Journey with Our Platform

Octopus Starter is a simple and secure MFA solution that covers every digital asset across the enterprise.

Octopus Pro

Passwordless-Ready Desktop MFA for Windows and Mac’s

Octopus Pro is a passwordless-ready Universal MFA for all systems and assets, combining robust security and loveable UX.

Octopus Enterprise

End-to-end Passwordless Workforce Authentication

Octopus Enterprise brings full passwordless authentication to any IT infrastructure and all business use cases.

Solving All Enterprise
Authentication Pains


Passwordless Authentication


Passwordless SSO
(Single Sign On)

Remote Access


Admin & Shared