Desktop MFA
The Missing Link

An Ironclad Strategy

Starts with the Endpoint

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FIDO Enterprise Today

FIDO2 has the backing of Internet giants and promises a streamlined, low-cost, self-provisioned authentication future. SDO provides a complete solution that bridge FIDO2 to your on-prem and private cloud apps and services today:

  • WebAuth & CTAP2
  • Certified FIDO Server
  • Works with password directories

Why Desktop MFA?

Endpoints hold PII
Endpoints hold PII
Windows Hello has a password
Windows Hello has a password
TouchID has a password
TouchID has a password
Users dock laptops
Users dock laptops
Smartcards are rare
Smartcards are rare
Who wants a smartcard?
Who wants a smartcard?

Desktop MFA:
More Important than Ever

Meet Regulatory Requirements

The last few years have seen everything from Presidential directives requiring the use of MFA to new NIST and CSA guidelines for the same. While these call for ‘MFA’ generally, newer phishing-resistant requirements push the bar even further and create the compelling reason for passwordless MFA as the optimal solution to regulatory pressures.

Qualify for Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurers are also now requiring documentation of and asking about centralized or widespread MFA use within organizations. Without hard prescriptions on what is allowed or not, rampant confusion exists. SDO enables the highest level of MFA protection and broadest universal coverage in an organization given our ability to support complex use cases in your infrastructure.

Protect Your Administrators

While it is true that in today’s remote workforce and hybrid workplace world every user has the ability to hold PII and is in some ways a privileged user, admins remain high value targets for malicious actors. Some regulatory mandates specifically call out end-to-end MFA use required for admins. With SDO, support admins in their full lifecycle and protect shared accounts, server accounts and advanced endpoint use cases as well.

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for Passwordless MFA

The Business Case for Passwordless MFA


Why Secret Double Octopus?

  • One solution for all endpointsOne solution for all endpoints
  • Deep support for MacDeep support for Mac
  • FileVault and JAMF supportedFileVault and JAMF supported
  • Windows systray and Quick ActionsWindows systray and Quick Actions
  • IDO2 key support on MacFIDO2 key support on Mac
Why Secret Double Octopus

The One-Year ROI of Passwordless MFA