Highest Assurance MFA for Financial Services

Replace attackers’ favorite tool – phishable user passwords – with easy, high-assurance MFA to stop ransomware and meet the world’s highest standards for strong authentication.

Fast Path to Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA

Why keep MFA when passwordless MFA fulfills regulator’s zero-trust mandates and delivers the best user experience?

Frictionless High Assurance Authentication

Frictionless High Assurance Authentication

Why Octopus Passwordless MFA for Financial Services?

Gets rid of passwords

Gets rid of passwords

Replace poorly kept user secrets with things only users have (phones, tokens) and who they are

Stops the phishing that leads to ransomware

Stops the phishing that leads to ransomware

SDO’s Phishing-Resistance Suite resists impersonation, ‘man-in-the-middle’ schemes, ‘push bombing’ and other new ways of phishing for credentials

The Octopus reaches everything

The Octopus reaches everything

Complete audit trails document local and remote access to workstations, web, and core on-prem legacy apps

Secret Double Octopus provided the best option for us to deploy a global desktop MFA security control and make progress towards a truly passwordless future.

Kevin Tucker
Executive Director, Head of Privilged Access and Authentication

Standard Chartered Bank

Secret Double Octopus truly passwordless future

MFA You Can Bank On

Strong authentication starts with desktop

Strong authentication
starts with desktop

Be 100% sure that only authorized workers and contractors can access client data from IT-approved machines. Octopus reaches beyond Windows PCs with Azure directories to protect your Macs and Linux machines joined to on-prem AD or cloud directories.

One login workflow protects your whole enterprise

One login to protect all
fintech workflows

A diverse workforce needs flexible MFA options. Octopus supports user- and IT-preferred methods of verifying identity for full use-case coverage with a single, simple workflow.

Secure modern and legacy applications

Secure modern and
legacy applications

Safeguard privileged client data at home, on custom and legacy systems housed on-premises. Octopus protects them all with strong, high-assurance authentication without forcing IT to overhaul your infrastructure.


High-assurance remote login, too

High-assurance remote
login, too

Employees, contractors, and partners need secure remote access to resources 24/7. Make sure users logging in through VPNs or the public internet are who they say they are (and get audit trails to prove it)!


MFA for shared workstations

MFA for shared

Employees may need to share access but now they don’t need to choose and share weak passwords. Reduce the friction and your risk of insider threats, with a clear documentation of who’s doing what on every shared workstation.

Change is hard, Octopus is easy

Secure access to every resource – even M&A identity silos and legacy financial systems – without changing your apps or directory infrastructures:

  • Hours to start, days to get business-wide coverage
  • Works with modern cloud and legacy on-prem apps
  • Supports Active Directory and multiple cloud directories
Change is hard, Octopus is easy

Passwordless MFA
Makes $ and Sense

Octopus passwordless MFA pays for itself fast by slashing your attack surface and saving users and IT lots of time.

Passwordless MFA Makes $ and Sense


Why Octopus
Passwordless MFA?

  • Slashes the attack surfaceSlashes the attack surface
  • More productive remote workforceMore productive remote workforce
  • Pays big business dividendsPays big business dividends
  • Phishing-resistant MFAPhishing-resistant MFA
  • Works with password directoriesWorks with password directories
  • Pays for itself in the first yearPays for itself in the first year
Why Secret Double Octopus