Passwordless Login for Legacy Apps

Legacy apps need modern security

Octopus delivers the same passwordless MFA experience for modern apps (SSO and FIDO2) and the password-based on-prem and legacy apps that drive your business


Don’t leave your most important apps and data behind

Many passwordless MFA options only work for web applications. However, most successful businesses host crucial data and applications on-premises. Octopus bridges the gap with passwordless login for all your applications—without forcing IT to rebuild anything.

Enterprise-wide passwordless MFA login

One login flow for cloud and on-premises
One login flow for cloud and on-premises Octopus gives the workforce a single passwordless MFA user experience for all the web apps. desktop logins. and on-premies corporate and legacy apps.
No recoding apps required
No recoding
apps required
Octopus works with Radius, LDAP, and other password applications without the time and expense of recoding for passwordless authenticators.
No change to your identity infrastructure
No change to
your identity
Other passwordless approaches force IT to build out PKI infrastructures and rearchitect directories. Octopus works with what you have (and works with PKI, too).

Enterprise-wide coverage

Enterprise-wide coverage

“Passwordless” means never having to say “i forgot”

More flow, less friction

Take the user out of password management, let Octopus manage, and automatically rotate directory password entries with machine-generated tokens behind the scenes. Even for mission-critical ones, your business self-manages on-premises like Oracle, SAP, VMware, and others.

More flow, less friction

Users love a faster login…

No person wants to go back to the bad old days of typing six-digit PINs into their smartphones. Your users intuitively now know and love the simplicity and speed of passwordless MFA.

Users love a faster login

…but IT is the big winner

Passwordless MFA is less – less risk, work for IT, less Help Desk drudgery-but it’s also more. Users gain 5% productivity-every day-while IT gains control and frees up cycles. It’s the one thing you can do today to improve security, and ROI in just one year.

but IT is the big winner

Change is hard,
Octopus is easy

Watch Steve Giovannetti, CTO of Hub City Media, shares his thoughts on Passwordless MFA. Steve answers the questions:

  • Why passwordless MFA?
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Change is hard, Octopus is easy

Why Octopus for passwordless authentication?

Every IT leader wants less risk, especially when it means lower cost and less effort, too. the Octopus platform makes going passwordless easy.

Octopus offers the fastest path to strong authentication and delighted users. And you can start benefiting in about an hour.

Watch the short video, “Passwordless MFA in an Hour,” to learn how.

Fast Path to Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA