Octopus Authentication Platform

Best-in-Class” Workforce Passwordless MFA

Take Control of Secrets, Eliminate MFA Frustration


Enterprise-Wide Passwordless MFA Coverage

Octopus is a complete MFA platform with the industry’s broadest passwordless authentication coverage across desktop, web and corporate apps, and privileged access. Users love the streamlined workflow of passwordless MFA, and admins thrive on the security and control it gives them.

What makes Octopus different?

Less risk, less work, less friction, more business returns. IT leaders eliminate the attacker ability to exploit passwords or phish users– without the time, expense, and risks of recoding applications or rearchitecting identity infrastructure that is the hub of business. The Octopus works with modern FIDO2 and SAML apps, and with applications, services, and infrastructure that requires a password.

Enterprise-Wide Passwordless MFA Coverage

Streamline your Passwordless MFA journey

We’ve found that passwordless should not be a one-shot deal, but it is an organizational journey. Maybe you want to start with traditional desktop MFA first or ensure all of your users are comfortable with a new authenticator before “flipping the switch” to go passwordless. The Octopus Platform is engineered with flexibility in mind for getting to passwordless.

Octopus Starter
Octopus Starter Traditional MFA with passwords, but future-ready to go passwordless MFA. Covered use cases include cloud/web applications, VPN, and VDI – perfect for securing remote workers.
Octopus Pro
Octopus Pro Adds desktop MFA, including phishing-resistant FIDO2 key authentication to Windows, MAC, and corporate applications. Pro enables MFA with passwords but prepares your business to go passwordless MFA with the flip of the switch.
Octopus Enterprise
Octopus Enterprise Full passwordless MFA for your entire workforce. The industry’s leading strong authentication offers the most complete, robust, and proven feature set in the market. Protect your desktops, web and corporate apps, and privileged accesses with phishing-resistant MFA.

Two Flexible Deployment Options

Octopus Cloud SaaS

Get started faster with our SOC2 certified Octopus Cloud delivered as a service. Companies of all sizes benefit from the full suite of Octopus Enterprise, Pro, and Starter with market-proven scalability and reliability.

Self-Managed On-premises

Need more control? Octopus is available as a self-managed virtual appliance for your on-premises and private cloud environments.

Passwordless MFA in an Hour

Less risk, less work, less friction, more business returns. Roll out Octopus Cloud SaaS and start onboarding users in an hour.


100-year-old State University

Passwordless MFA helps the university bolster security and stop phishing, with a better student and faculty experience.


Users Love Passwordless MFA…

Put an end to the “MFA fatigue” that comes from creating, remembering, and typing passwords plus OTPs. Give users a simple, streamlined, time-saving phishing-resistant login workflow that matches their needs:

  • Mobile push
  • FIDO2 tokens
  • X.509 Smartcards
  • Biometrically protected OTP
Users love Passwordless MFA

…but admins are the big Winners

Modernize authentication fast without user secret-sharing coordination, buying down security risk and delighting the workforce:

  • Eliminate password help desk calls
  • Password rotation with a click of a button
  • Close compliance and cyber insurance gaps

Unlike partial offerings that only work with web apps, Octopus protects your corporate apps too, including VPN, privileged accesses, and custom business services.

Admins are the Big winners

Why Secret Double Octopus?

  • No change to infrastructureNo change to infrastructure
  • Complete use case coverageComplete use case coverage
  • Unique rotation-based approachUnique rotation-based approach
  • Deployed at scaleDeployed at scale
  • Deployment flexibilityDeployment flexibility
  • Phishing-Resistant MFAPhishing-Resistant MFA
How to Get MFA Right the First Time

Getting Passwordless Right the First Time

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