Octopus Authentication Platform

Powering Full Passwordless™ Journeys

Our enterprise-grade authentication technology helps the world’s largest organizations secure employee access through a suite of solutions ranging from a universal desktop MFA to a unique all-around passwordless platform, guaranteeing a clear path to better workforce authentication.

Octopus Enterprise

Do the impossible with our passwordless

Employee passwords are responsible for most data breaches and impose a huge burden on everyone.
The Octopus Enterprise eliminates the need for employees to remember passwords, including those used in Active Directory and homegrown legacy systems, by offering a simple and secure authentication mechanism that boosts security and lets employees focus on the job.

Octopus Pro

MFA solved – across all use workforce use cases

Octopus Pro is the next-generation universal MFA platform for the modern enterprise.
A singular all-in-one solution for all employee authentication needs – from workstations, through cloud and remote access tools to on-prem legacy systems.

Octopus Starter

Remote MFA for the modern workforce

Octopus Starter provides employees with a high-assurance, touch-and-go MFA solution for all their cloud apps and remote access tools.
By removing all other MFA dongles, tokens, and keys, Octopus Starter makes security simpler and employees happier, saving time and budgets for everyone.

Octopus Lite

Plug-n-Play Desktop Security

Octopus Lite is a fast-to-deploy desktop MFA solution that integrates seamlessly with ForgeRock and Okta, providing added workstation security under your trusted identity platform.
A server-free and cost-effective and solution that brings speedy MFA functionality to all workstations using your existing 3rd party authenticator apps.

Deep Dive

Peek Under the Hood

The Octopus Passwordless Authentication platform was built for the special requirements of large complex IT environments.
See how our enterprise-ready platform components work together to deliver better enterprise security and full compatibility with legacy environments and 3rd party IdPs.