Remote Worker

Passwordless MFA from Anywhere


Slam the Door on
Remote Attacks

Businesses wall off their most valuable data and apps on-premise, but use weak password methods to access these crown jewels via the VPN, VDI, and RDP services. Dropping passwords in favor of strong remote authentication slashes your attack surface and blocks modern attacks targeting traditional MFA.

Fast Path to Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA

Less risk, less steps,
less friction, more
business payoff

Better security usually means more steps which equals greater resistance. The Octopus gives IT leaders options to eliminate vulnerable passwords and “MFA fatigue” – without adding friction. Remote workers prove who they are by using “what they have” and “who they are.” Users love the simplicity of passwordless MFA. Admins thrive on buying down security risk, eliminating 40%+ of all Help Desk calls, and IT innovates faster without user secret coordination.

Get Phishing-Resistant MFA and a FIDO Enabled Enterprise Slash the Attack Surface, Modernize Faster

Users Love Passwordless, But IT is the Real Winner


Phishing-Resistant MFA Out-of-the-Box

The Octopus is built on cryptographic protocols that resist impersonation, push bombing, and man-in-the-middle attacks against web and corporate apps.

Covers Every Remote Use Case

The Octopus supports all remote access protocols, including LDAP, Radius, SAML, and Kerberos to make VPN, VDI, RDP, and Linux and Windows privileged access.

Single Access Workflow

A single passwordless MFA mechanism closes unmanaged third-party access to dramatically improve security, closes visibility gaps and lowers the burden on IT.

Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA


Change is Hard,
Octopus is Easy

For many IT leaders, the idea of passwordless users makes sense, but rearchitecting identity infrastructures away from passwords does not. With the Octopus, you get a phishing-resistant passwordless MFA solution that works with password-centric directories behind the scenes.

Change is Hard, Octopus is Easy

A win-win for
users and IT

The Octopus integrates seamlessly with password directories. Users can be onboarded in an hour without IT having to alter identity infrastructures:

  • Works with on-prem AD and cloud directories like Azure AD, Okta, and ForgeRock
  • No certificate-issuing infrastructure to build out, no rearchitecting directories, no recoding applications
  • Use Octopus mobile app, FIDO2 tokens, or a third-party authenticator app
Fast Path to Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA

Complete Enterprise
Use Case Coverage

Enterprises run on complex and diverse workloads accessed by employees and third- party contractors. Unlike partial offerings like Windows Hello For Business, SAML only, and certificate-based offerings that leave critical on-prem apps and radius VPN services behind, the Octopus provides enterprise-wide use case coverage.

Enterprise-Wide Passwordless MFA Coverage

Pays Measurable Dividends
in the First Year

The Octopus requires less work from users and IT administrators with more business payoff. Users get a time-saving workflow to do more productive work. But admins are the big winner:

  • Buy down security risk
  • Close compliance gaps
  • Prove strong authentication to insurance actuaries
  • Modernize infrastructure without coordinating user secret-sharing
Pays Measurable Dividends in the First Year

The One-Year ROI of Passwordless VPN/VDI

Getting rid of passwords is the one thing you can do for your business that improves security, delights users, and pays for itself in the first year.
See how much you can save!


Strong Authentication for Industrial Critical Infrastructure

Regulators everywhere alerted their nation’s critical infrastructure industries to quickly modernize access controls by mandating MFA. But traditional MFA won’t work in industrial environments with heavily constrained connectivity separated by layers of DMZs.

Octopus passwordless MFA works across industrial infrastructures from corporate offices through production plants. Secure remote access extends across teams of vendor techs, employees, and contractors to keep operations running 24/7.

Strong Authentication for Industrial Critical Infrastructure

100-year-old State University

Passwordless MFA helps the university bolster security and stop phishing, with a better student and faculty experience.



Why Secret Double Octopus?

  • Eliminating passwords and traditional MFAEliminating passwords and traditional MFA
  • Slashes the attack surfaceSlashes the attack surface
  • More productive remote workforceMore productive remote workforce
  • Fast path to phishing-resistant MFAFast path to phishing-resistant MFA
  • Works with password directoriesWorks with password directories
  • No change to infrastructureNo change to infrastructure
Why Secret Double Octopus