Passwords are a Vulnerability - what’s Next for Authentication?

For years, organizations have sought to educate employees about the importance of secure passwords and of resisting phishing attacks. Both efforts have failed. What is the next evolution in the field of authentication?

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  • Why are passwords a vulnerability?
  • What other forms of authentication can replace passwords?
  • How mobile devices can replace passwords
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Top Companies Vote Octopus

“Partnering with Secret Double Octopus gives Okta customers the ability to remove the need for passwords for Active Directory and other legacy directories, creating a better user experience for end users and better security for an enterprise.”

Chuck Fontana Vice President of Okta Integrations

“Secret Double Octopus exceeded our expectations by covering cloud and on-premise applications with a single platform, completely synced with our AD.”

Matthieu Moanda IS Director, SQUAD

“We believe that password-less authentication is the best option for our clients and partnering with Secret Double Octopus allows us to provide the highest level of authentication protection possible.”

Eran Farajun Executive Vice President at Asigra

“Not having to remember or manage multiple passwords for each system improves productivity and provides us with better auditing. And users are much happier.”

Tomer Radian Chief Architect, Anagog

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