The Passwordless Enterprise Removing vulnerable passwords from user authentication

Passwords are no longer a viable authentication factor, they are a liability.

Passwords have become the favored entry point for attackers. Traditional two-factor authentication solutions are expensive and hard on users. 

What is a Passwordless Multi-Factor Authenticator?

Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an identity verification process that requires a user to provide multiple, mutually-independent proofs of identity, without requiring a password. As a result, both usability and security are improved – no passwords to recall and no passwords to phish, hack or crack.

Meet the Octopus Authenticator

Meet the Octopus Authenticator

The Octopus Authenticator offers a simple “touch-and-go” experience – users approve a secure push notification and provide a biometric identifier using the available sensor on their enrolled mobile device

  • Simple user enrollment
  • Supports offline authentication
  • Built on proven secret sharing cryptography
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
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One Multi-Factor Authenticator for All Your Use Cases

A multi-factor authentication solution that supports all authentication use-cases, including workstation and network logon, remote access, cloud access, privileged access, identity federation, etc. even works offline.    

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Passwordless Access to Password-Based Systems

For legacy systems that depend on passwords, Secret Double Octopus swaps user-passwords with machine-generated, complex passwords that are frequently and automatically rotated. User authentication is performed using a more secure multi-factor authentication process that is passwordless.

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Passwordless = Value Across the Enterprise

Removing passwords unloads a significant burden from the enterprise helpdesk and domain admins and increases worker productivity. And with no passwords to protect and manage, budgets are freed.

Reduce Employee Down Time

With passwords out of the equation, users are happier and more productive. No more multiple login attempts and helpdesk tickets that lead to lost productivity. 

Centrally-Managed Identity Security

Effective management capabilities, including over-the-air distribution and self-service enrollment.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

Replacing passwords with strong passwordless authentication results in lowering the burden on the helpdesk, making password management systems redundant and password-protection programs irrelevant.

Remove Passwords Across the Organization

Here is a sample of the applications and resources that Secret Double Octopus integrates with

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