Passwordless Single Sign On (SSO)

Secure access to applications, on-premise or in the cloud

One authenticator enables your employees to easily and securely access all business systems and applications.

On Premise or Cloud Deployment

A Single Sign On solution for workstation and network logon, remote access, cloud access, privileged access, identity federation, and more.

Statless Scalable Architecture

On-prem deployments enable tighter control over user identities while still enabling access to cloud applications.

Passwordless Login Experience

Passwordless authentication to all business resources whether on-premise or in the cloud, online and offline, for privileged admins and end users.

High Assurance by Default

Secret Double Octopus replaces vulnerable passwords with high-assurance authentication based on provably secure, quantum-safe cryptography.

FIDO Certified

Compatible with FIDO2.

Cloud Access Without Cloud Vulnerabilities

Cloud access under full company control, with the Octopus Authenticator and SSO identities, is never in the hands of any third party.

  • With the Octopus Authenticator, access to cloud applications is fully controlled by the business
  • No need to sync your user directory with any third party outside of your domain
  • Users can access cloud applications without exposing your network to the cloud

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The ultimate guide for enterprise MFA


Seamless User Experience + Unprecedented Level of Identity Assurance

Users never have to recall or enter another password and enjoy simple “touch-and-go” authentication across all business systems. And businesses improve their security posture by replacing vulnerable passwords with a high-assurance authenticator.

The Octopus Authenticator App

The Octopus Authenticator App

The Octopus Authenticator offers a simple “touch-and-go” experience – users approve a secure push notification and provide a biometric identifier using the available sensor on their enrolled mobile device

  • Easy and fast user enrollment
  • Supports offline authentication
  • Built on proven Secret Sharing cryptography
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
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Out-of-the-Box Compliance

Our authenticator was created to meet the highest level of regulations


Strong Customer Authentication

Stateless cloud

Level 2

Passwordless Single Sign-On

Across your business, from workstation logon to single sign-on portals.
One authenticator to access all enterprise applications, completely passwordless.

Workstation and Servers

Provide Multi-Factor Authentication and secured offline access to any workstation or server.

Protect Remote Access

Passwordless MFA protects remote access to business systems and applications.

Protect Legacy Applications

Deploy high-assurance authentication to all your business systems and application, old and new, to ensure all access points to your business are adequately protected.


Integrate multi-factor authentication to your existing IDP such as Active Directory, Okta or Azure AD.

Remove Passwords Across the Organization

Here is a sample of the applications and resources that Secret Double Octopus integrates with

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