Transaction Approval

Smooth and swift transactions for users

Strong Authentication for Sensitive Actions

With Secret Double Octopus, users are able to verify payments, financial or medical orders from their mobile phones, all while securing financial and protected health information (PHI). For both online and in-store, our payment verification is strong security that supports market trends for cashless, secure purchases.

Maximum security,
minimal frustration.

User Experience

Transaction approvals need strong security. But your users do not want complication – authentication needs to remain unburdened and free of unnecessary hurdles.

The user is presented with full transaction details via the mobile app. Approval or rejection is accomplished with a single tap – no cryptic codes, no hassle.

On-demand, tap-and-go capability for your users
Easy Integration

Strong authentication relies on comfortable and secure integration. With Secret Double Octopus, a single call to REST API invokes a highly secure authentication process via server-to-service integration. The result is a clean front-end without authentication code.

Unlike traditional PKI based solutions, Secret Double Octopus keyless design means low total cost of ownership.

Secret Double Octopus
Transactional Approval

Strong Authentication

Friendly UX

Easy Integration

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