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Your VPN Should Be Passwordless

High assurance, easily deployed and user-friendly passwordless MFA

Out of the box solution for your VPN

Secret Double Octopus provides a highly secured and easily deployed Multi-Factor Authentication solution for any VPN.

Users can now authenticate using a high-assurance, fully passwordless and user-friendly mobile authenticator instead of passwords.

To connect to your enterprise VPN, users simply tap the Octopus Authenticator on their mobile device and identify biometrically. The Octopus Authenticator implements provably unbreakable cryptography that is highly resistant to common attacks such MitM and cracking, while ensuring protection against phishing and user manipulation.

Leverage your Active Directory

Octopus domain authentication works seamlessly with your existing Active Directory service, allowing your organization to go completely password-free.

Delight your users

Ensuring users enjoy a simple, consistent experience – when access is simplified, users stop looking to bypasses and compromise security, such as writing down passwords on sticky notes, choosing easy to remember – easy to hack passwords or just a one password fits all approach.

Reduce your costs

With the Octopus Authenticator running on the user’s mobile device, there is no need for expensive hardware tokens. Eliminating passwords relieves a significant burden from the enterprise helpdesk and domain admins, as passwords never have to be refreshed, reset, or recovered.

The Octopus Authenticator App

The Octopus Authenticator App

The Octopus Authenticator offers a simple “touch-and-go” experience – users approve a secure push notification and provide a biometric identifier using the available sensor on their enrolled mobile device

  • Easy and fast user enrollment
  • Supports offline authentication
  • Built on proven Secret Sharing cryptography
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
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Choose Your Authenticator

The Octopus Authenticator Platform is not monogamist

The Octopus

The Octopus Authenticator app for the simplest user experience. Users validate their identity with a touch of their thumb or face ID, followed by a second biometric verification step.


Our certified FIDO2 server is fully compatible with any FIDO2 authenticators.
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3rd Party

The Octopus Server is happy to connect with your existing MFA, our solution seamlessly integrate with Okta Verify and other leading MFA providers.

Out-of-the-box Compliance

Our authenticator was created to meet the highest level of regulations


Strong Customer Authentication

Stateless cloud

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