ForgeRock and Secret Double Octopus Announce Strategic Partnership

Raz Rafaeli | August 22, 2022

Today, I am happy to write that we announced a strategic partnership with ForgeRock to offer workforce desktop MFA and passwordless authentication solutions to the market together. This is an important milestone achievement for Secret Double Octopus because it signifies that one of the three major identity and access management vendors selected us as their preferred partner and solution for expanding their product set. ForgeRock is a highly partnership-oriented organization and has partnerships with all the specialist passwordless providers in the market, so we take this development as an important validation point for our leadership position.

Let me get into the specifics of what we announced, followed by a bit more color. We announced that ForgeRock will be selling ForgeRock Enterprise Connect, a Desktop MFA solution that extends their current MFA offerings (built on their own mobile authenticator), to endpoints such as Windows and Macs for employees and servers such as Windows Server and Linux. This solution utilizes the components of our Octopus Lite product for ForgeRock but also includes new technical capabilities to enable a broader coverage of enterprise use cases.  

Based on market analysis, the Octopus Authentication Platform and our passwordless Enterprise offering is the most complete and robust workforce passwordless MFA solution in the market, proven at scale with organizations using the solution as a mission-critical technology for 10’s thousands of employees that use it every day to log in to desktops and other resources without the need to remember a password. 

You can find the announcement press release here: ForgeRock Double Octopus partnership announcement

Click through for more information on Passwordless MFA

Or, click here for more information on the Octopus Enterprise Full Passwordless Platform. 

Thanks, and upwards and onwards,

Raz Rafaeli