Passwordless Integrations

Secret Double Octopus’s universal authentication platform solves all authentication needs across the domain, from employees’ workstation to any cloud or on-prem service, with a simple and secure Passwordless MFA that eliminates the need for passwords altogether. Users will enjoy a single authentication method to everything, wherever they are, while administrators will find it easier to deploy and manage. Whether it’s physical or virtual machines, modern web application or home-grown legacy services, we got you covered.

Here are some of our most common integrations

How does RSA SecureID
Passwordless Desktop work

Our high-assurance passwordless solution makes access to RSA SecurID easier and safer than ever, using the same authenticator that employees use to access workstations and corporate networks. Secret Double Octopus’s passwordless MFA delivers phishing-resistant authentication that improves security and a passwordless experience that ensures user authentication is quick and effortless