Deep Dive:
Meet the Octopus

A Sea Change in Employee Authentication

The Octopus Authentication Platform was designed to bring passwordless authentication to all corners of the enterprise.

A proprietary technology, born in university labs, helps us remove the most dangerous element of corporate cybersecurity – the password – from the largest IT environments on earth.

The Octopus App – Secure, Simple, Universal

The Octopus Authenticator offers a simple “touch-and-go” experience to access any machine or system connected to the domain. Users receive a secure push notification on their enrolled smartphone and provide a biometric signature – and that’s it!

Easy self-enrollment for users | Supports offline authentication via BLE | Based on un-breakable safe Secret Sharing cryptography | Available for iOS and Android devices.

An innovative
MFA desktop client

Passwordless logon to workstations, as well as standard desktop MFA functionality, is delivered through the Octopus Credential Provider.
A lightweight agent, available for Windows and MacOS machines, that works seamlessly with any Identity Provider or user directory used in the domain. The Octopus Credential Provider communicates with the Octopus Authentication Server or a 3rd party Domain Controller to make workstation authentication fast, secure, and easy to manage.

The Octopus
Authentication Server

The Octopus on-prem server is designed to meet the most demanding enterprise security requirements, this means that no data breach or leak can compromise the security of octopus-protected accounts, and that attacks targeting the password transmission or renewal process are no longer a threat.
Deployed on-premises and replete with security features, the Octopus Authentication Server meets all security and regulatory demands and enables a seamless transition to passwordless authentication.

The Octopus
Management Console

Deploying good technology is important, but enabling easy control and full visibility to administrators is crucial for real-world businesses. The Octopus Management Console lets admins easily deploy, configure, and audit all aspects of employee authentication within the enterprise.
A single platform to control all authentication use cases lets your IT team focus on tomorrow’s needs instead of today’s challenges.

A Path to Passwordless That Fits You

Octopus Starter

The Fastest, Most Accessible Way to Start Your Journey with Our Platform

Octopus Pro

Passwordless-Ready Desktop MFA for Windows and Mac’s

Octopus Enterprise

End-to-end Passwordless Workforce Authentication

Out-of-the-Box Compliance