Next Generation MFA

Universal. Easy. Secure.
A robust solution for ALL enterprise authentication demands

Universal MFA –
A Giant Leap for Authentication

For too long organizations suffered from a fragmented, partial, and cumbersome set of solutions to deploy MFA across their entire domain. Time to move forward to a modern solution that is easier on users, cheaper for the organization, and safer for everyone.

Multifactor Authentication for the Modern Enterprise

The Octopus authentication platform was designed and built for the complex needs of a modern enterprise to deliver better productivity and security at a lower cost.
Our universal MFA integrates easily with every enterprise use case including workstations, remote access, cloud accounts, privileged access, federated services, and legacy on-prem applications.

High-Assurance Authentication

The Octopus Multifactor Authentication mechanism relies on unbreakable cryptographic protocols and is fully resistant against client-side and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Unparalleled User Experience

The end to multiple MFA methods and endless password resets.
The Octopus Platform ensures reliable and robust authentication that always delivers – online or offline, wherever you are – to get the job done.

Cutting Security and Support Costs

A single authentication mechanism to replace all MFA solutions dramatically lowers the burden on IT, security and helpdesk teams.
And more importantly – a single MFA solution keeps employees happy.

One multifactor authentication for all your use cases

A unified MFA solution that supports all the authentication use-cases of business users, including workstation and network logon, remote access, cloud access, privileged access, identity federation, etc. And it also works offline.

Workstation and
network login

MFA for workstation logon, online and offline, with support for Active Directory, Okta or Azure AD.

VPN & Remote Access

Best in class MFA for any VPN and remote access service.

Legacy apps and Cloud Services

Provide employees with a single multi-factor authenticator to securely access all legacy and modern business applications.

Integrate With Existing Infrastructure

A universal MFA solution that seamlessly integrates into all your IT stack, quickly, with no operational interruptions

Authentication platform for the Zero Trust era

Fast and secure authentication that always works is an absolute necessity for future-ready digital transformation. With a single touch of the finger users can now approve any login requests and seamlessly connect to any enterprise asset, online or offline, on or off the premises.

  • Full integration with on-prem Active Directory and other IdPs
  • Use your currently deployed 3rd-party authenticator app
  • Easy and fast user enrollment and provisioning
  • Offline authentication via BLE or FIDO key

Multiple MFA solutions = wasted time and budget

Your next MFA should be your only MFA. Your employees deserve a single solution that supports everything they use across the domain, under any circumstance. A modern, universal, MFA is the only way to guarantee a secure digital transformation with minimal impact on productivity.

All you need is… ONE!

A fragmented MFA deployment is wasteful for the organization and frustrating for users. The Octopus platform brings a universal next-generation MFA to all business systems and devices, on and off the premises, online or offline.

Solving All Enterprise
Authentication Pains


Passwordless Authentication


Passwordless SSO
(Single Sign On)

Remote Access


Admin & Shared