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Okta and Secret Double Octopus partner to provide a Complete Passwordless Enterprise Solution

Tel Aviv, Israel — March 2, 2019 – Secret Double Octopus, the pioneer of Password-Free Enterprise Authentication, announced today a partnership with Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, to deliver an all-encompassing passwordless experience for global customers and service providers.

The new generation of workforce authentication is passwordless. According to Gartner, 60%-90% of large to midsize enterprises will implement passwordless methods by 2022.
The change for an organization that chooses to eliminate passwords, in not only with choosing high-assurance alternative but also to cover all use cases and all network assets, cloud and on-premise.

As part of the joint solution, Secret Double Octopus complements Okta’s solution by providing passwordless access to all enterprise’s services and applications including on-premise network assets, desktop login, legacy apps and mobile.

With the implementation of Secret Double Octopus solution, Okta users will never have to manage or remember passwords and can enjoy a consistent way to access domains, networks, the cloud and legacy applications protected by Okta. Organizations can gain the benefits of centrally-controlled, high assurance identities with significant and direct cost savings that comes from eliminating passwords.

“Many of our customers can attest to the need to tackle the enterprise password problem.” said , Okta. “These passwords are typically stored in Active Directory and other legacy directories and are used during desktop login and application access. Secret Double Octopus offers an innovative solution that removes the need for end users to deal with passwords directly. ”

The integrated solution will address several use cases including: Windows MFA by leveraging Okta Verify to provide a simple, secure, multi-factor login to workstations (Windows, MAC, Linux). It also provides a Password-Free Enterprise solution – by replacing passwords throughout the organization with the security and simplicity of strong password-less authentication while enjoying a consistent way to access domains, networks, cloud and legacy applications.

“This is an important step forward in our vision of liberating organizations and end users from the pain of passwords” said Raz Rafaeli, CEO of Secret Double Octopus. “We are thrilled to partner with Okta and offer its customers passwordless access to all enterprise use cases.“

About Secret Double Octopus
Secret Double Octopus delights end users and security teams by replacing passwords across the enterprise with the simplicity and security of strong passwordless authentication. From being named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in 2016, our 3rd generation platform is now serving mid-sized to Fortune 50 customers around the globe. www.doubleoctopus.com

Media Contact:
Rachel Glaser
GK for Secret Double Octopus
[email protected]

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