MFA for Air Gap Networks

Strong Authentication Streamlines User and Admin Critical Infrastructure Workflows

Time is Running Out to
Fill Critical Infrastructure MFA Gaps

Critical industries face a fast-approaching deadline to prove they have met all MFA mandates with short security incident disclosure timelines looming. Post-incident investigators, cyber insurance auditors, and attackers will inevitably discover coverage gaps, including access to and within your air-gapped islands.

Due to Internet connectivity requirements, traditional MFA authentication doesn’t work with air gap environments. A modern passwordless MFA approach that can be self-isolated is required to protect operational jewels from ransomware intruders and malicious actors.

Octopus Enterprise dramatically improves security, and authentication workflows are simple and fast through a Full Passwordless architecture even in custom and legacy application-filled environments.

Fully On-Premises

Double Octopus Full Passwordless MFA can run completely on-premises, without a cloud component.

No Changes to Network or Directory Architecture

Works seamlessly with your existing directory and network architecture, and even with a mix of passwords and passwordless MFA workflows.


Use FIDO2 keys in your air-gapped network, Octopus Enterprise includes a FIDO2 server and doesn’t require extra Webauth or U2F protocols, or extra infrastructure costs.

Passwordless MFA
in the Air Gap

Delight your local air gap worker with passwordless access, while ensuring MFA compliance and an audit trail.

Remote Access
to the Air Gap

SDO flexible strong authentication allows secure access for remote essential workers and privileges administrators

Password Resets

Octopus Passwordless MFA helps admins too, by eliminating time-draining account lockout support calls, and automating secret rotation cycles with a click of a button.

Five More Reasons Why Double Octopus
for Critical Infrastructure

Not convinced? Here are a few other reasons you should consider us for your air-gapped networks.

  • Octopus is an industry proven, won best-in-class passwordless authentication solution
  • With Passwordless MFA, your end-users no longer manage or know the password
  • FIDO2 support for RADIUS gateways and apps, including VPN and VDI, an industry first
  • SDO is known for the broadest use case: Windows, Macs, Linux, and Windows servers, RDP, SSH, etc.
  • SDO supports custom and legacy applications, commonly found in critical infrastructure environments.