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Workstations & Virtualization

Employee workstations are the workhorses of the modern era, yet workstation authentication security often lags behind other services for no good reason, leaving machines exposed to unauthorized access.

Secret Double Octopus provides a fast, simple, and highly secure solution for desktop authentication, with a lightweight agent that works seamlessly with any IdP, IAM, and user directory out there.

Workstations & Virtualization

To access a physical or virtual workstation, users simply enter their username. The local Octopus agent will then send a request to the on-prem Octopus server, which in turn will send a secure push notification to the Octopus Authenticator app on the user’s registered device. Once the user identifies and approves, the approval is sent back to the Octopus Server, the workstation is immediately unlocked and the user directory is updated with the successful login.

Passwordless Workstation